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Not long ago the application Netshare was released in the App Store. Not very long after, the same application got removed from the app store due to legal issues with AT&T. Another company that was awaiting approvment of their internet sharing app, PdaNet, is June Fabric. June Fabric’s official statement was:

Our latest response from Apple is that the PdaNet application will be given new “consideration”. But that was more than a week ago and it still has an “In Review” status. There is not much we can do at this point but just to wait.

It appears that June Fabric got tired of waiting cause today i fired up Cydia and found their PdaNet application.
Best of all the application seems to be free!

To get this working is actually rather simple.
A) Create a ad-hoc network with your iPhone and pc

1) Let’s start with your PC config:

1. Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.
2. Select Network and Internet. (If Control Panel is in Classic View, skip this step)
3. Open Network and Sharing Center.
4. Select Set up a connection or network (in the left pane).
5. In the resulting window, select Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network.
6. Click Next and again on the following page.
7. In the Network name textbox, input iPhone as the name of the network.
8. Select a security type from the dropdown. (If you select WEP, you will need to enter a security key in the unghosted textbox)
9. If you want to use this network more than once, check the Save this network checkbox, if you only need it for a one time fix, leave the checkbox unchecked.
10. Click Next.
11. Click Close.

Let’s now configure the iPhone.

1. Press the main Application button.
2. Select Settings, then select Wi-Fi from the menu, let your iPhone scan for a network and the network iPhone will pop-up.
3. Connect to the network iPhone.

At this point, the hardware for both the PC and iPhone are configured for the ad-hoc connection. Once the settings are saved, your PC and iPhone should establish a wireless connection automatically.

Now it’s time to start the application pdanet.

Enable the app via the wi-fi router button on the bottom.

Wait some seconds and you should immediately see that your desktop computer is connected and you are ready to start surfing or using your EDGE or 3G or GPRS iPhone connection.

Enjoy :)

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130 Responses to “Cydia – PDANET iPhone (tether your laptop/pc to your iPhone)”

  1. DunnoYet Says:

    Nice App

  2. swed Says:

    is it free?

  3. Brian Says:

    Cool, although I’ll probably still use 3proxy so I can tunnel just the apps I need and prevent any other apps from wasting bandwidth.

  4. Guillermo Says:

    NICE!!! At this moment I´m conected using it.

  5. Daniel Says:

    It’s free and works like a charm! Thank you, June Fabric! Your name sucks but your app rocks!

  6. davep Says:

    Outstanding CLEAR directions thank you so much works GREAT!!!

  7. Coma Says:

    Looks like it works for Win PC but no luck with a Mac, the app keep telling to go in settings and join the ad hoc connection although it is already. :cry:

  8. alsky Says:

    This app is way better than the other ones. I can finally use sftp, ftp, skype, ichat and ANY program! But I’m wondering, since it’s used as a router rather than tunneling through a proxy — will it be more obvious to the cell provider that tethering is taking place?

  9. JTik Says:

    Thanks I’ll try it. Do I need insomnia or is it built in? I’m assuming I need it since this was built for the App Store? Also does the app need to remain in the foreground or can I minimize it?

  10. Robin Says:

    I wish if that works over cable too :cool:

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  12. chris Says:

    Can every application on my pc go online? or i am limited to firefox?

  13. NEIL Says:


  14. Coma Says:

    did anyone made it work with a Mac? If yes can you post the setups please? thx

  15. hrag Says:

    hey im having a hard time trying to do this with my pc. can anyone give me directions for a newbie? please

  16. ricky Says:

    this appp rock is the best i have try but im
    wondering they already ask this but no anwerd because
    is using like a router is more obious for att to see
    that we are doing this

  17. Amir Says:

    Ok, but what is it good for?
    Whats the main purpose of this app and what will it let us do?

  18. michaelj Says:

    PdaNet works like a router, so make sure you did not assign static IP on your Mac and allows DHCP to do its magic. It has worked for me on my Leopard.

  19. nir_ Says:

    Amir – it will let your laptop connect to the internet via 3G/GPRS when you dont have a wifi hotspot available

  20. Juan Says:

    i’m currently on this website using PDANET….

    It could come in handy one day…

  21. Karlton Says:

    Amir, this app is for tethering your iPhone to your laptop so you can use the iPhone’s internet. And to everyone else…..This app is the BEST!!! You can use ANY program with this. When I was using 3proxy and any proxy dependant apps, some websites wouldn’t “act right”, but with this program, you can use Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, even iTunes works cuz you never set up a proxy, you just treat it like it’s a cable modem and just get online! I even used “LogMeIn” to remote to my desktop PC at home and it worked! When I tried that with the proxy dependant apps, I always got some kind of DNS error. I can’t say it enough, this app is the SHIZNIT!!!! I can’t believe it’s FREE!!!

  22. Craig Says:

    Does anyone know how to configure it on a Macbook [with a proxy.]
    I can do DNS lookups from the laptop. But my phone provider uses a Proxy.
    I’m with Vodafone Australia. who has a similar set-up to the 5.99 t-zones plan in America. [think proxy set up]

    The phone and lappy connect just fine. I got the internet working on the iphone by putting the proxy into the preferences.plist but the lappy wont have any of it.
    Lappy resolves to its IP but nothing else passes through.

    *I sent this to Fabric support:

    I can set up and connect correctly between iphone and macbook.
    I can \”ping\” from the laptop and it resolves googles IP but looses 100% of packets. [but then again so does the iphone anyway]
    The browser on the laptop times out, while the iphone works fine.

    Vodafone Aust uses a proxy for edge connections.
    Should I put the same EDGE proxy in my laptops preferences also?
    Should there be and exclusions in the laptops proxy exclusions?
    Clearer instructions for set up on a Mac would be great.

    *And only got this in reply:

    I am not sure about the “Proxy” requirement for your carrier. I guess in order for PdaNet to work your phone need to have direct Internet connection like ours in the US. I am also not sure if it will help to set the proxy on the computer end.

    June Fabrics PDA Software Support

    Not much help…..
    Anyone on T-Zones 5.99 plan got this working? [with the proxy]
    Any ideas would be great.

  23. Joe Says:

    Can’t get it to work with a xp laptop. It will not go off the screen “wifi ready, please connect to network and relaunch PDANet”
    Obviously I’m already connected. 3proxy will work(yes I turned it off before trying this program). SSH works great. I guess I have to keep using those till the bugs are worked out.

  24. bob Says:

    everyone keeps avoiding the question! How easly can AT&T detect this app?

  25. John Says:

    I’m not having much luck. Once I try to connect to the iphone wireless network XP just sits and try to acqure an IP address but never gets an IP address outside of which of course is no good.

  26. Shai Says:

    Brilliant! I was having real problems tethering my Linux eeePC to my iPhone. This worked straight away. Thanks so much!

  27. Alex Says:

    Had the same issue. Be sure that your XP machine is using dhcp to connect and not static.

    and done.

  28. Mes Says:

    Works great … and simple (maybe just a bit too simple :mrgreen: ). Got it working fairly easily on my XPSP3 — bu NOT on Vista 64bit. Difficult to troubleshoot with such limited status information. Wish we had a page 2 status screen with lots more details.

  29. ×˜×›× ××™ מחשבים Says:

    it is missing from my cydia? is it gone?

  30. Oraos Says:

    :shock: :shock: :shock: I spent many hours trying to get Proxifier working on Vista with a number of different Socks proxy connections to the iPhone. This is the ideal tethering app I’ve been waiting for – every internet application I have works without extra proxifying software on my laptop. Forget every other tethering app out there – this wins hands down :!: Definitely would pay for this!

  31. Olivier915 Says:

    Where do you download this PDANET app ?
    Could not find it on

  32. Mes Says:

    Use the Cydia application on your jailbroken phone. Listed under changes.

  33. elnekis Says:

    I recently upgraded from v 1.30 to v 1.31. Oldest version was working fine, now I can’t get my computer to appear connected in pdanet and have a valid IP address. Anyone having the same problem??

  34. shenese Says:


    Please help….I have a 2g iphone but when I looked in cydia to download pdanet the app. is not in there. Does anyone know where I can get the app.

  35. alex Says:

    I am having the same problem, Windows vista is pissing me off :cry: . It works fine with my xp laptop..just not vista

  36. easteastriver Says:

    i use 2g v.1.1.4 , can’t find that app. at cydia too~~ :sad:

  37. kdken Says:

    Only for 2.x

  38. Pwnis Says:

    EPiC paSS I used for 2weeks strait I download about3-4gigs in 3 days I saw how much usage I had used and it said 22gigs haha and still no word from AT&T not an email nor 2 phone bills using it. :shock:

  39. Mes Says:

    Only 2 weeks? Hahaha. I’ve yet to see a company do anything in 2 weeks!!!. Maybe 2 ”months” IF you’re lucky. I’m not saying it will/or will not happen, but trust me, 2 weeks is ”””’way””’ to short a time to make any judgment calls.

  40. chad Says:

    Can you make phone calls while tethering,

  41. noam Says:

    does anyone notice that pdanet for iphone does not work well when serfing domains???? It almost feels like the iphone has a built in proxy when it comes to domains and gets confused.
    I cannot pull up while tethering, but i have NO problem getting to other sites.

  42. Jared Says:

    Hell yeah!!!

  43. Cazforshort Says:

    actualy it’s technical not tearhering

  44. Santiago Says:

    For mac users…
    1. go and click to where you find wireless networks
    2. Click Create Network
    3. A window pops up and it says “Create a Computer-to-Computer network
    4. Make a name up or use the default it has.
    5. Keep Channel on Automatic
    *6. If you want create a password to connect. ( I didnt)
    7. Press ok
    8. go to wireless networks on your iPhone.
    9. Find the name you set the C-2-C to.
    10. Run PDA NET and wait for connection.
    11. DONE!!! :mrgreen:

  45. vishal Says:

    Someone has asked this three times and got no answers but it is an important question so i am asking again –

    How easily can AT&T detect that tethering is taking place and what could be the consequences ?

  46. Nicolas Says:

    I cannot manage to get PDANet to work. It keep saying: “PdaNet WiFi Router need to be initialised first. Please restart your iPhone.” Is this because it does not work with Iphone 2G? (I run version 2.0.1 on the first generation of iPhone)

    All help welcome!

  47. sean Says:

    Has anyone gotten their mac to be able to VPN to a remote server over pdanet?

    What sort of restrictions does pdanet have? I know that I can do skype calls now! Which is amazing, but i still cant use hamachi for mac or vpn. Funny enough, i can use hamachi in my VM of vista running in Fusion, but I dont know how to share my VM’s network with my host machine.

    Basically: i am willing to jump over hurdles i just need a direction to start jumping.
    Specifically: i want to be able to mount my home computer’s RAID over my iPhone. And i want to be able to remote desktop to it.

    I have a jailbroken phone, with a macbook air and home is running windows server 2008 or Vista.

    I know the vpn works, because it connects when the air is on wifi, but not when i use the iphone as modem. Ive tried with iphoneModem, and PdaNet.

    Please Help!!

  48. Bob Says:

    Hamachi support would be awesome.

    Below are the details of how Hamachi Works so may be if someone takes a look they can find a work around.

  49. justindavis Says:

    I am on the t-zones t-mobile USA plan, with mackbook pro 10.5.5. I cannot get pdanet to work with firefox or safari either. Although my apple Mail application works fine. Weird. I’ve been searching for hours and can’t find an answer or similar problems. yours is the first mention of it.

    Hope we figure it out!

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  51. tua Says:

    I was able to get it to work when I set up a adhoc connection with security type “no authentication”. But it stopped working when I switched the security type to “WPA2-personal”. I am certain that I typed in the password correctly. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  52. Neil Says:

    Do you have to jail break your phone?

  53. wired Says:

    You need to jailbreak the phone in order to install pdanet, it’s not on itunes anymore.

  54. wired Says:

    Is there any way to tether a laptop with an iphone without creation a wifi ad hoc network, for example using a usb cable? My network policies prevent the creation of ad hoc networks. Thanks!

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    [...] tethering plan will probably not be including in the standard iPhone plan, you can always use the PdaNet app which is available through [...]

  56. dan Says:

    do you have to have a jailbroken iphone???

  57. Bob Says:

    For those interested the latest version now allows Hamachi to work so it is now my favorite Iphone app of all time!!

  58. zariaman Says:

    you know have to pay $30 for the app :(

  59. KaM Says:

    Exactly Zariaman,

    After 15 day using, you need to pay to access to every website who doesn’t start by “http://”,

    So you can’t go to fdp://, https://, etc…

    Not very sweat for an app who come from developers and not on the appstore.

  60. redspade04 Says:

    it is built in and you can close it back to home and open anything and youll still stay connected.

  61. V Says:

    If i have jailbreaked iphone, is other way how to get application than dowloading by cydia or instaler in iphone? If you can first download unofficial appl. into computer a than into iphone?

  62. MICHEAL Says:

    i was in cydia and i downloaded this app that was suppose to let my get the itune game apps and when i downloaded it it told me to refresh my spring board and now my phone is just like stuck i restart mode and in keeps on rebooting can u help

  63. Thomas Says:

    sucks for all you people on ATT worrying about them finding out you’re tethering…. I’m up here in Canada and my 6gb data plan includes tethering… I hear your ‘unlimited’ data plan is also subject to the 5gb cap in the fair use policy… sounds like some misleading ATT plans… data is data… shouldn’t matter if you’re tethering…

  64. dd-macbook pro Says:

    Thanx for the mac instructions, i think im almost there,
    I got to the c2c step and opened my connection n the phone but didnt really understand wut u meant by pdanet,
    When i tried to open safari it quit unexpectedly :(
    Wut am i missing?
    I just downloaded the newest cydia version from my phone by the way

  65. Santiago Says:

    Once u have C2C connected run the pdanet program u download from cydia.

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  67. Andy Bui Says:

    :?: as my knowledge that pdanet uses 3G/gprs service to get laptop/desktop to go online wirelessly but can pdanet utilize internet from a destop machine via use usb cable to provide wireless internet for other laptop/desktop? In another words what if i dont have 3G/Gprs internet service?

  68. Carsten Says:

    Hi Bob, did you find out how to establish a Hamachi VPN connection over the iphone 3G? What tethering software did you use? I have tried with iphonemodem.

  69. Bob Says:

    PDA net supports Hamachi but the only problem is the $30.00. They started charging this a couple of days after I posted this original message.

    As for AT&T I am going to try and use up the entire 5gb per month if possible just to attempt to get my money worth. My bill for one phone is almost $90.00 a month, where I use about 200 minutes if that. In order to get $90.00 worth of value I am going to have to use the full 5gb of data. I started by completely disabling wifi to force it on their 3g network all the time.

  70. montanakingpin Says:


    Worked as described and great instructions.
    Got it running real smooth on a MacBook Pro.

    Highfive !!

  71. €hR!$ Says:

    This app alone is worth getting an iPhone. You pay $30/month for an UNLIMITED data plan for your 3G and get internet use out of it on your computer. My friend had a Verizon Wireless card and paid $40/month for a 50mb data limit. It’s $60/month for a 5gb data limit. The iPhone is 1/2 that price with NO limit and you don’t need to plug it into your computer. So I can leave my iPhone in my room while I’m in the living room and still surf the web. ;) And once the no charging issue is resolved, I can have my iPhone charging while I’m using its 3G.

  72. Hayes Says:

    By the way….for you Vista users, if you connect as shown in the instructions and also enable internet sharing (ICS) on your wireless connection (the one used for the Ad Hoc…you can then run an ethernet cable from your LAN port and connect into the “Internet” section of a wireless router…every wireless computer in my house runs through my IPHONE now…no one has said anything yet….I’ll keep you posted.

  73. CPV Says:

    I can’t get the PC to broadcast the ad hoc network. It’s not visible to the iphone?

  74. iModZone » Blog Archive » How To: Tether the iPhone or G1 To Your Laptop For Free 3G Broadband Says:

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  75. Julian Says:

    not working on 64bit vista? never wants to pop up and say that its connected O,o

  76. Hayes Says:

    Well its march 2 and I have no additional internet charges on my AT&T data plan. Every computer in my house has used the internet through my iPhone since February 2nd. This APP is awesome!

    CPV- Regarding your computer broadcasting the AdHoc network. You may need to roll back your driver for your wireless card. I had the same issue but after rolling back it worked just fine (Something in then new update from microsoft may have caused the problem)


  77. nwbie Says:

    I have t-zones 5.99 hack through cydia, works on my iPhone. Downloaded pdanet, and setup ad hoc network on my laptop, started up pdanet. all connections are active. when i go to a browser window i get the error ” HTTP ERROR: $CODE$ $MESSAGE$ RequestURI=/”

    Has anyone encountered this? What would be a fix? Any help would be appreciated.


  78. DrkJstc Says:

    is there a help page for mac users? I need help loading the software on my laptop.

  79. nwbie Says:

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with this post..I am still having issues..

    I have t-zones 5.99 hack through cydia, works on my iPhone. Downloaded pdanet, and setup ad hoc network on my laptop, started up pdanet. all connections are active. when i go to a browser window i get the error ” HTTP ERROR: $CODE$ $MESSAGE$ RequestURI=/”

    Has anyone encountered this? What would be a fix? Any help would be appreciated.


  80. MoFoQ Says:

    yea, that usually happens when the network is too busy; try again or wait a bit.

    Certain areas on t-mo’s network, it’s faster (even on edge), like really northern California (eureka/crescent city area) for instance.

  81. cmphakr Says:

    WORKS LIKE A CHARM. Am using a MacBook Pro, brand new with my jail broken 16gib iphone. NO problems whats so ever.

  82. midniter Says:

    unable to connect yahoo or any chat prog on the free trial PdaNet

  83. ×˜×›× ××™ מחשבים Says:

    I loved it )))

  84. Mike Says:

    Has any one tried the remote desktop through pdanet? I can get my laptop (xp pro) connected to the iphone 3G (at&t) and go serf the net no problem, I can get my vpn going through IPSEC with both iphone and the laptop no problem, but I can not get the remote desktop going nor can open the remote computer, the only message it give me is “can’t get connected to remote computer” Thanks

  85. Mike Says:

    Has any one tried the remote desktop through pdanet? I can get my laptop (xp pro) connected to the iphone 3G (at&t) and go serf the net no problem, I can get my vpn going through IPSEC with both iphone and the laptop no problem, but I can not get the remote desktop going nor can open the remote computer, the only message it give me is “can’t get connected to remote computer” Thanks

  86. Proxy Says:

    Just wanna add something here. Need a fast and clean proxy? Try

    Unblock friendster, facebook, myspace and even youtube!

  87. Mike Says:

    I tried all three ways ad-hoc, USB AND PROXY, they all enable me to go on the internet no problem. Through all three the VPN connection is just fine but againe remote desk top do not work nor I can ping the remote computer on the remote network(work network)

  88. Venca Says:

    I have jailbroken iphone, but I can’t find PdaNet in Cydia. Is any other way how to downloaded into iphone?

  89. ×˜×›× ××™ מחשבים Says:

    nice app! I´m conected using it.

  90. Hayes Says:

    me too! I’m loving it, of course I still really hope that the new iPhone update is going to enable tethering!


  91. andy mackay Says:

    Great app works a treat, better than iPhone Modem which was very patchy, worked sometimes not others, Pdanet works first time all the time, but what I wanted to say, and forgive me if this has been said already, it ain’t free it has just started today to ask me to pay for a serial or I’ll only have limted functionalty.

  92. ×˜×›× ××™ מחשבים Says:

    Great application!! Thanks!

  93. ×˜×›× ××™ מחשבים Says:

    Very nice app.

  94. greenebomb Says:

    so you guys are telling me that if i do this i wont be billed any more money on my att phone bill

  95. hayes Says:

    I’ve been running pdanet on my iphone and using it to run internet (through a wireless router) to all of my computers at my house since Feb…its June…and still no charges!! (ATT)

  96. amy Says:

    I need some help- I purchased pdanet and it was working great for a month and now the app has disappeared from my iphone- how do I get it back???

  97. amy Says:


  98. Nelson Says:

    I’m currently using it in the USA — and with AT&T on O.S. 3.0 — and have encountered only one problem so far: I can’t seem to connect to any Instant Messaging Client; e.g., Facebook, AIM, Yahoo. Is this because I’m using the Trial version?


  99. V Says:

    Ive been using the PDANET for Iphone for about two weeks now, and it’s been working fine until one day I tried to log into my Facebook/AIM and it doesn’t allow me to….Does anyone might know why this happened??


  100. t$ Says:

    after the 15 day trial you are only allowed to surf the web. you have to pay the $30

  101. red Says:

    i SSH through the app on my computer called iphone brower. Not those other apps like winSCP or cyberduck. i have PDAnet 1.53 and i need to know how to take the cracked version of pdanet 1.53 and ssh it on my phone “using iphonebrowser” PLEASE HELP, ive worked very hard trying to figure out how to do this and im still a newbie at this. if anyone can help by either teaching me how or directing a url with the solution.

  102. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked browsing your posts.

  103. angel Says:

    i hope it works

  104. pcifix Says:

    I was looking for computer technician I have found

  105. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    IPhone is very useful tool in my every day life, thanks for this informative article!

  106. Marcos Says:

    Hello, I just jailbreak my found got the cyndia update but i can’t find PDA net when I search for it. What I am doing wrong? thanks..

  107. Saryta Says:

    Manejo del phone

  108. בניית אתרים Says:

    I love it too. I wion’t leave my iphone not even for a million/ more than just being a toy, the iphones have become a market of iots own

  109. תיקון מחשבים טכנאי Says:

    Everyone’s forgetting to tell us iPhone’s lack of flash player. it’s impossible to watch a flash animation on iPhone’s browser!

  110. Mike Says:

    Just wanted to add, that mac users trying to tether to an iphone do not need to download am extra program onto their computer. Its all done through OSX’s wireless network, which can be easily accessed on the top toolbar. Also, people who cannot find PDAnet on Cydia, you might have the search filter set to high. To change the search to have no filters:
    Go to the Cydia app then select the manage tab on the bottom. On the top left click Settings, and select Developer (No Filters). Not sure if this will work but its worth a try. At the least, you’ll be able to find more content in cydia

  111. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    i like the app’s

  112. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    thanks for the guide

  113. chelbug Says:

    It works on two computers i have that have Vista 64bit

  114. alfonso Says:

    ok i got all the way ot seting up the network but the iphone will nnot conect to the net work

  115. alfonso Says:

    i am unable to find n down load pdanet can some one help me

  116. ציור קיר Says:

    Again thanks for this article.

  117. Neil thompson Says:

    I have set up the ad hoc on a vista laptop connected via settings but when I click connect via PDAnet app on the iPhone it just says connecting……. Then doesn’t..,

    what gives any ideas please??

  118. Mike Says:

    This app was very easy to use until 3 days ago when it stopped working. It suddenly stopped picking up networks. I set it up on my mac as I always do and then it does not show that it is picking anything up.

    I removed the program from my I phone and then I re-downloaded it but it continues to search without actually picking up a network. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone have a suggestion?

  119. טכנאי מחשבים בקריות Says:

    This Is Really nice

  120. דירה למכירה להשכרה להשקעה בחיפה Says:

    I am browsing the site using PdaNet

  121. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    not that nice

  122. Janie Says:

    Can u connect a 3g iPhone Internet to a desk top

  123. Janie Says:

    Can u connect ur 3g iPhone Internet to a desk top and us the Internet ? If so how?

  124. spaz Says:

    They Cant They only see how much internet you use but if you have the unlimited data plain you have nothing to worry about

  125. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    Some very good tips here! thanks for the article yah. David.

  126. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    There’s a good way to know if the phone you are using is good… You become addicted to it. It’s the cas for the Iphone.

  127. j.v Says:

    Same happened to me :( stucked..any helps??

  128. טכנאי מחשבים | תיקון מחשבים Says:

    amazing thanks!

  129. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    very full stuff looking forward

  130. bambismirh Says:

    so do i have this right if you follow these instrutions you can use your iphone 3s to use your home computer

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