Sep 23

As we suspected, there was a clear reason why Atari was hunting down on Breakout clones during the last few days: they have now simply released their own new game called Super Breakout.
The clones are still available and cheaper but renamed to BlocksClassic ($0.99), Superball 2 ($2.99), and 3-D Vector Ball ($1.99) just to keep Atari’s lawyers away.

Super Breakout offers two game play modes: Classic and Super.
The Classic mode is more like a beginners mode and relives the novelty of the original game, the Super mode adds power ups and special blocks.The Atari version of Breakout also include a multiplayer support and the ability to upload your high score to the website, to use your own pictures as a background and listing to your own music library while playing.

Super Breakout is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store for $4.99 or 3.99€

Direct iTunes link

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2 Responses to “App Store – Super Breakout”

  1. Carlos Martins Says:

    I just wonder why we’re constantly stuck with higher prices, no matter the exchange rate. :evil:

    4 Euros = $5.9 USD

    Or are they charging for the internet “shipping and handling”? :?:

  2. me Says:

    nice!!!! but too expensive… i will only pay that game 1.50 pounds max! huhu

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