Sep 22

Torrent Relay released a private beta of iTR. iTR will allow you to download torrents straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch and it will allow you to directly play the media you downloaded!. It’s even is possible to take a torrent-url from your desktop pc/mac onto your iPhone! iTR will continue to download your torrent while you are on the go. However as the app is webbased, i prefer to hold off untill we see a decent native torrent client.

The iTR client is still in private beta testing but when we got some info, we will update you.

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6 Responses to “Torrent Relay (A webapp torrent downloader)”

  1. George Says:

    EPIC! Does this mean you can bitTorrent Albums now?

  2. kaka Says:

    Where can I download it from

  3. JTik Says:

    There is a problem with this. If your phone company starts seeing this type of traffic they are going to think you tethered your phone and charge you more then normal. Also the AT&T data plan is limited to 5GB a month, even though it says unlimited, this is normally enough but you can easily go over that with a torrent client.

  4. HoJu Says:

    Actually I’ve heard since its web based, it does the uploading for you. Drastically reducing your bandwidth usage!

  5. quotaiere Says:

    there has been a “decent native” torrent-CLIENT for weeks on cydia: ctorrent. Works perfectly!

  6. David Pro Says:

    This is now available to the public. Just visit on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    I’ve been using it for a week now and am LOVING it….

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