Sep 19

An Australian iPhone user found out a hidden matrix code behind the rear plastic clamshell of his iphone while he was playing around with the night shot mode of his camcorder.

Engadget suspects that Apple has hide the serial and IMEI nummber in this 2D barcode. A matrix code or QR code is a modern version of the bar code where you can find all kind of information. You can read the QR- code with Neoreader . So get your camcorder and let us know which information it contains.

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6 Responses to “Hidden matrix code on the iPhone 3G”

  1. javi Says: says server error 404
    is he out of the jailbraking community???

  2. javi Says:

    please tell me i want to know!!

  3. Multinova Says:

    No official news from Zibri yet, 404 is just a server error. Maybe he’s migrating his website or adjusting it ..

  4. me Says:

    ziphone sucks btw…

  5. Marwan Says:

    yup :grin:

  6. itech0ps Says:

    how could you say such thing?

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