Sep 18

Recently, many people have figured out that on the iPhone’s lock screen, where you can call an emergency number, you can actually dial any number, and it successfully goes through. We’ve also figured out that this feature/bug has been present since before even before 2.0. This could be taken as an extra feature or a bug. There are pros and cons to having this present. Full article inside.

Some people are concerned about it, saying that it could cause trouble for them if they were to lose their phone, and it fall into the wrong hands. However, you would most likely call and have the network provider cancel that line until you could get things sorted out. I, personally, see it as a helpful feature. In an emergency, your “emergency” number could change depending on the situation. This allows you to quickly dial a needed number.

So is it a concern or a feature? Post your opinions in the comments.

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7 Responses to “iPhone “Emergency” calling allows calling for any number”

  1. gsr Says:

    well duh :!: , this is old , i found this out when i first bought my iphone ,

  2. saiyam Says:

    how do I get into the emergency screen without restoring my phone, I am running 2.1 jailbroken Iphone 3g. Can I just remove the sim card and make a call?
    I wonder if it will allow international calls? If it does then I am just buying an Iphone and use it as an outgoing call machine

  3. l2uso Says:

    It’s a feature since ever(?), but in all other phones I’ve used this feature only allow to call a pre-configured (unique) phone number.
    All depends where you live. In my country (Venezuela), for example, this could be considered a BIG BUG because the high degrade of violence and insecurity. We used to watch both sides before pick up the phone, otherwise we might be a robbery victim and a Kazakistan kind bill victim too :wink: .
    In other countries/cities (mostly first world) this could be almost a bless at any circumstance.
    Einstein and his relativity law :razz:

  4. Jash Sayani Says:

    So does it work without a working SIM….? :roll:

  5. hostolis Says:

    Well we should be able to pre-define a list of lets say 6 emergency numbers (like speedial) that we can call from the emergency screen.

  6. Kevin Homehill Says:

    Yeah, the passcode doesn’t prevent calling, so you need to inform your operator about the stolen phone. I guess you’ll do it anyway.

    However, sim-pin is for preventing calls. So when the phone get’s stolen it must be on, so that it doesn’t ask for the pin-code.

    So passcode is only for preventing outsiders for reading your mail, sms and other personal data like photos…and I think it denies DFU mode as well…

    But hey, if there’s 4 hours passcode time, it’s meaningless. It should be asked everytime if you really trying to prevent wrong usage of personal information.

  7. med007 Says:

    what a great feature! I didn’t know about it until i read your article. Now if I let someone use my phone I can not unlock the screen and just have them dial

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