Sep 18

Veency is the name of the latest application that has been released today by Saurik, the author and maintainer of Cydia. Veency provides a VNC remote desktop server for your iPhone, allowing you to view the iphone springboard and everything else on it via your Mac/PC with any VNC client.

The best thing about this app is that it handles text entry. This means you can upload notes and type directly onto the iPhone.
Another nice feature, is the text alert like the screenshot in the top of the post.
No password is needed when establishing a connection there is also no on/off toggle, but both things are planned for a future release.

Below a video of the author demonstrating veency.

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21 Responses to “Cydia – Veency remote desktop server for the iPhone”

  1. Xynetor Says:

    I’m using it right now to type this Its pretty cool but a bit slow but cool…

  2. Podesta Says:

    Why it dosent work on my ipod touch??????

    I tried with the screensharing utility on my mac…. but it didnt work…. :cry:

    it keeps loading and loading and loading………….

  3. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    For whatever reason, Apple’s screensharing client doesn’t support the server library I am using. Other VNC clients should work. Also, if you use 8-bit color, its much better speed-wise ;P.

  4. feff Says:

    umm i downloaded veency on my 3g and it doesnt show on spring board and where can i find the vnc server for this particular veency, i have tightVNC but i dont know how to set up the screen on my desktop on windoes

  5. DunnoYet Says:

    Nice App

  6. Brian Says:

    Omg, I was just wishing for this.. i searched for it and sure enough – it was released.. TODAY?! I’m going to try this with win2vnc to use the iphone as an extended desktop. :mrgreen:

  7. morpheus Says:

    :oops: how do i get started (windows user)

  8. morpheus Says:

    have installed it but nothing happening

  9. iCarl Says:

    Haha it works gr8!! you can even use it as a surveillance cam, just open the cam and put the iphone with the dock as a stand and u’ll get like 1fps not bad!! ok to use it on windows u install the package from cydia and then just download a vnc client this is a free one that works gr8

  10. iCarl Says:

    and then in the software (on the pc) just enter the iphone’s ip and enter u’ll get a screen(on the iphone) asking if u accept the remote access request and just accept and there u are

  11. morpheus Says:

    iCarl – thanks for the info, the only problem is there are so many !! not sure which one to select and which is the free license. can you confirm thannks

  12. googy Says:

    great app…a bit slow but I can use now a screen recorder software on my PC to make demos :wink:

  13. iCarl Says:

    just go to the site and search for the “vnc viewer free edition”

  14. Says:

    how do you push the home button from vnc? any short cut buttons?

  15. iCarl Says:

    for the home button just press the right mouse button the left one is for touch and the middle one (if available) for the lock screen, and keyboard for keyboard!!

  16. DewMtn Says:

    This is so awesome. I was looking for an app like this. What all can be done with this?

  17. Forest Godfrey Says:

    Jay – this thing is fantastic! I was wondering if you intended to open source it? Alternately, a method of accepting keyclicks from a Unix domain socket or fifo (something local to the phone) would work for what I want as well. Basically, I want to use Veency plus the iPhone serial port plus a little external microcontroller gizmo to build an external keyboard for the iPhone!

  18. Devin Says:

    Veency is never on the springboard! Oh, and use chicken of the VNC
    the link is here:

  19. Quora Says:

    Is it possible to connect a 1st Gen iPhone to a Monitor?…

    How about using a vnc server on the jailbroken iphone, and using a vnc client on another machine connected to a monitor? ┬áNot quite a direct connection, but if the point is to get the contents of the screen in relative real-time, digitally, onto anothe…

  20. brad Says:

    This app is the shit… i love it, you rock Jay.

  21. Rob Says:

    Does this require jailbreaking the iPhone?

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