Sep 12

The 2.1 iPod firmware has a new security feature present. You have the option of making the iPod erase all of it’s data after ten wrong passcodes have been entered. This seems like it would be a great feature, since there are many ways to bypass the security passcode presently and see some personal data such as email, contacts, and text messages, including one that doesn’t even need jailbreaking.

This has only been confirmed in the iPod 2.1 firmware, but we can assume and hope that it will also be present in the iPhone 2.1 that will be released tomorrow. We’ll inform you of all the new features we can find in the new software update when we get it tomorrow. Be checking back!

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6 Responses to “Firmware 2.1 has a data wipe feature after 10 passcode failures”

  1. me Says:


  2. iFoneGooner Says:

    Oh boy, HUGE mistake made by up-grading iTunes to version 8.0. I have a jailbroken 16 gig iFone and now NONE of my app store stuff will open. I have removed and re-installed all my so called official apps and it makes no difference!! Anyone else suffering with this?

  3. saiyam Says:

    Hey are you talking about the cracked IPA’s on the iphone? I am running 2.0.2 and have a bunched of cracked ipa’s games and stuff like that. So I want to know if they all will work with itunes 8.0 and iphone firmware 2.1

  4. iFoneGooner Says:

    Hi Saiyam, No, I am talking about applications I have downloaded (either free or paid) from iTunes Nothing, but nothing will now open since I stupidly installed iTunes 8.0 earlier today. Like I say, I am on 2.02 pwned 16g iFone. Not sure whether your stuff will work on iTunes 8.0 OR 2.1 – might be worth you waiting to see what the dev team come up with :roll:

  5. iFoneGooner Says:

    Hi all, just an up-date on my earlier problem with iTune apps not working via iTunes 8.0. Problem solved – Uninstall all your apple store apps. Then re-install two or three at a time. All back to normal and everything working well :razz:

  6. Mr. Q Says:

    This is a thoughtful idea but can backfire horrifically. Any jerk who wants to wipe your ipod can now do it instantly.

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