Sep 09

Ok it’s official. Apple representatves confirmed that the Nike+ integration only works with the new iPod Toch 2G. The iPhone and the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 1st Gen will not receive support for Nike+ as of yet. It has also been confirmed by Apple that the connector dongle will still not work on the iPhone and/or first gen iPod Touch.

It’s still up to our hacker community to get the Nike+ working ;)

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6 Responses to “No Nike+ suport for iPhone 2G/3G or iPod Toch 1G”

  1. 14 Says:

    wait has the “hack community” gotten this working b4? or r u just throwing it out there

  2. AppleHolgh Says:

    I think this is really a disgrace! I bought an iPhone 3G 4 weeks ago hoping that an Nike+ integration will come any time and now I have to read that Apple has just decided to push the iPod touch a bit by integrating featured the iPhone doesn’t have? This is a very bad joke! I certainly won’t buy an iPod just to have Nike+. There is no flipping reason why the iPhone shouldn’t work with Nike+! Shame on you Apple!
    :evil: :evil: :evil:

  3. robinperko Says:

    Yes, agree with AppleHolgh. Its ridiculous to think that the iphone will not be compatible, as the new ipod touch is probably based on the older iphone 2G technology. I have the original iphone and run frequently, so was looking to buy some Nike + trainers, but having heard about the non-compatability of the system, well I think ill stick to Newbalance or Oasics! Well done Apple, you’ve lost Nike lots of business due to your aggressive ipod marketing. Good work :evil:

  4. toobigtofly Says:

    I don’t get how it wouldn’t be compatible with the 3G now that OS 3.0 supports accessories. I understand that there isn’t any built in hardware, but why can’t Nike make a sensor that plugs in the dock connector like they do with the Nano? It is definitely possible, but I’m not sure if it will actually come to us old school iPhone users.

  5. 3GS Says:

    I just got the 3GS and it has built in support for Nike +

  6. dz Says:


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