Sep 08

dTunes is a new application from the ModMyiFone source that is sort of like an iSlsk replacement for now. It connects to the music streaming site Seeqpod and displays your search results in a mini broswer. Then, using the Safari Download Plugin, downloads it.

It then displays the track you downloaded and, by tapping it, it will play it in it’s own music player. This application seems like it has promise, unless iSlsk comes soon, which I have a feeling it will. If you find any bugs in this application, post it in a comment below.


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23 Responses to “Cydia: dTunes”

  1. sjdvda Says:

    Really cool app, worth downloading.

  2. toNYc311 Says:

    I’ve used this app. It’s not bad for what it is. I can’t wait for islsk though. Or for that matter that other app that was like iTunes but for Amazon Music. THAT was cool too. Especially since it allowed for downloading over your EDGE connection versus iTunes WiFi ONLY connection which SUCKS! Even if you had to pay for the music. :P

  3. leonbravo Says:

    the only problem I found is went you want to se video in safari you can’t wacht the video

  4. yo Says:

    kual es la source

  5. victor Says:

    What is the source to dtunes

  6. eddie Says:

    how can i download dtunes

  7. jesse Says:

    i need victors answer too and when i open up cydia its the old one i need to kno how to get the newer version plz

  8. podusr Says:

    there is a major issue with dtunes: it switches off the light !
    I got 2.2 firmware and installed dtunes (using cydia)

    suddenly, when using it, the backlight switched off and I could hardly see anything. I didn’t find anyway to switch it on back.

    Uninstalling it didn’t solve anything.

    At the end I had to restore the ipod to solve the problem.

  9. kaw Says:

    How to save downloads on my computer ? When i give a little shock on my Iphone the melody is change automatically. It is normally ?

  10. shakti kashyap Says:

    how do i download and install dtunes on my iphone

  11. Inaeit Says:

    First you need to jailbreak your iPhone. Then install cydia and search for dtunes. For instuctions on jailbreaking, google it. That’s how I got all the information for mine. Hope this was helpful

  12. 3410o3951345 Says:

    If you have to ask you don’t need to know.

  13. jay Says:

    is ther anybody who can help me with the following;

    i do have installed cydia, and dtunes, but when i run the d-tunes program on my iphone i dont get the searchbar for any artist or what so ever, the only thin i get is the website of seeqpod, is there anyone who knows how to get in the menu for choosing the music.artists etc. etc.

    best regards,


  14. Tyler Houlihan Says:

    i can not get the search bar for music can someone please help

  15. Tyler Houlihan Says:

    it will not load the search bar for music but every thing else works some one please help

  16. boy Says:

    Rude response. you didn’t know at one time either.

  17. raymond Says:

    every time i open up cydia to download dtunes it says i need to download more apps to get dtunes. what kind of apps do i need to download an order to get dtunes.

  18. Danny Says:

    don’t worry I got it thx anywayx

  19. Dope man Says:

    Is there any way you can transfer your downloaded music from your dtunes player to your normal music player?

  20. Help Says:

    when i first did my first jailbreak i found dtunes useing blackra1n but no this time i used spirit and cant find dtunes even just searching dt it has no results

  21. Tony Says:

    its on cydia guy…

  22. Yasmin Says:

    Just installed dtunes using cydia. I think its the 3.0 version. Jus came across a very big problem when downloading the app it had two downloads there one which is the dtunes app
    And another which is just a grey box with some symbols. Tried to open the app however a message comes up about the 3.0 software which I can’t read as the whole app just shuts off I tried to open it up several times with no luck.
    Please help! Thank u

  23. Horacio Scarfo Says:

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