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For the people who are new i’ll briefly explain. xGps is the navigation software that works together with the xGps module that has been released for the iPhone 2G. Check my old post regarding this here.

xGps promised to release navigation sofware that works together with their module. Today they’ve released both applications. xGps and xGps util. The xGps application supports 2 maps (Google and Open Street map). The way the app works is by selecting a area on the map and then the map get’s downloaded onto your iPhone for later offline viewing. For now it’s not yet possible to plan a route but later versions do promise that functionality.

xGps util 1.0.0-1 is a application that will display Longtitude, Altitude, latitude and several other handy GPS data.

The full manual for xGps util can be downloaded here.

To download both app’s you will have to add a source in Cydia. Add the repo

Note: The xGPS software is only compatible on firmware 2.0 and greater (2.0.1 and 2.02 etc…) and works only with xGPS Modules (you can also use it without a GPS).

xGPS screenshots:

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12 Responses to “Cydia – xGps and xGps Util 1.0.0-1 available”

  1. Ronyxx Says:

    i was working on a similar concept with open street maps and navizon coordinates, but it was too hard and very illegal to get the navizon coordinates, this is so awesome for people who dont have edge woohoo

  2. 14 Says:

    Where do we get the gps module? and how much…

  3. Bear Says:

    is there a way to use this software. using only iphone integrated gps? I downloaded already and in the settings meno there is an option to use iphone 3g gps but when i tap on it no thing happens

  4. Multinova Says:

    Yes the iPhone 3G’s internal GPS functions now with Xgps

  5. Cydia - xGPS 1.2 (bug fixes + voice guidance) - cydia, iPhone tools - iPhoneFreakz Says:

    […] been quite a lot of bug fixes and extra features to the latest version of xGPS. In our previous post we explained the possibilities of this nice navigation software for the iPhone 2G and as xGPS […]

  6. Raymond Sierra Says:

    Where do i can get or buy this xgps module?

  7. harry Says:

    hi guys,

    someone pls help me!!! well i live in Cyprus, i’ve got xgps and all but how to i add maps to the xgps?? i’ve the maps of cyprus off a windows based phone but how do i add them to the iphone…?

  8. maltje Says:

    Start by put wifi on(on the Iphone.
    Start xgps,goto maps and choose for loading maps
    then you get a map and with 2 fingers you make a red square of witch region you want.
    Then start downloading!!!
    good luck

  9. Charis Says:

    Dear Harry from Cyprus. Please let us know if you managed to work Cyprus map on iphone.

  10. Fahad Says:

    I live in Pakistan and am using iphone 3g with both google maps and xgps.
    Google maps application has detailed street maps for all major cities of pakistan however i am unable to cache the maps, also google maps is not routable.
    XGps offers great functionality of uploading map files and routing, however the maos available through xgps Manager does not have detailed street maps for pakistan. Can someone tell me how to get detailed data on xgps …

  11. Merlin93 Says:

    It was inevitable that fixed exchange rates, even with wider agreed zones of fluctuation, but lacking a world medium of exchange, were doomed to rapid defeat. ,

  12. constantinos Says:

    how can i download cyprus map for xgps?
    xgps does not cover cyprus

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