Aug 29

Some days ago i gave you guys a preview of the Billy Frontier game. Check this article. Today i can inform you that it has been released in the App Store. PangeaSoftware also sells the game for 50% off during a short period.

Billy Frontier is really four games in one: Dueling, Shootout, Stampede, and Target Practice. The graphics and audio are the best there is for an iPhone game, and if you like spaghetti westerns then you’ll love Billy Frontier because it is a spaghetti space western with all the fixins!

Direct iTunes link

Price: 50% off for now


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3 Responses to “App Store – Billy Frontier released”

  1. marwan Says:

    is this game nice? like do i buy it? how much is it?

  2. 14 Says:

    This seems cool, did anyone hear about the new tonyhawk game for ds, its gonna use an accelerometer

  3. Cody Says:

    I like the game, I just bought it was 2.99 and it will be 5.99.
    The only thing I don’t like about is that the shooting sucks you have to shoot below the target, but you get use to it. :grin:

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