Aug 27

Some time ago we informed you guys about a upcoming mod that will turn our iPhones/iPod Touches into real mobile gaming stations.. The iControlPad. Today i received another mail from the creators with a new picture and some news. The iControlPad will probably be priced below $30 and it will offer you a full gaming control pad for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I’m also in contact with the developer so hopefully i will be able to offer you guys the device asap.
Here’s a last picture of the prototype in which you can see Quake running :)

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7 Responses to “iControlPad update”

  1. ShahNeShah Says:

    wiked cnt wait

  2. 14 Says:

    THis is how the iphone could actually become a better gaming device then the ds. Any idea on what games will be supported?

  3. iphoneman Says:

    no it won’t

  4. 14 Says:

    I’m only saying it could bc of those comments a developer made awhile back saying it was more powerful than the ds and psp combined

  5. georgio Says:

    hey guys listen. the iphone can become the best gaming portable device!!! according to an article i read the iphone has a better processor even than psp who is specifically built for games…. i would say that in the future there will be many good 3d games and the pad will help a lot!!!

  6. hnfrgjngfrjnfdgfdgnfdejngbejdgbde Says:

    :mrgreen: i think this pad will just make the iphone look like a “wanna be” trying to look like the psp and the touch screen of the ds. plus nintendo is coming out with a new ds soon and it has a camera and it stores and plays movies and mp3s

  7. Jesus Says:

    Yes it it owns the DS

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