Aug 23

All of us have heard of DreamCatcher’s iPhone Video Recorder. For a long time this was the only choice for recording video, until yesterday. Cycorder, created by Jay Freeman the creator of Cydia, is the new FREE Cydia recording app. read on for differences between the two.

There are many main differences between Jay Freeman and DreamCatcher’s video recording apps is that DreamCatcher’s app compress’ the video after the video recording is done. but Cycorder compress’ it as it is recording so that the second youre done recording, your ready to watch the video. Another difference is that Cycorder doesnt currently record audio as well.

My preference is for Cycorder becuase it seems to have a much clearer picture (even though they both claim to record at up to 15fps) and it having the ability to compress the file so quickly where i can watch it immediately is also a very nice feature.

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29 Responses to “Cycorder: another iPhone video recording application”

  1. viru478 Says:

    that’s very good and I m agree that cycoder have a better quality

  2. Bobby Says:

    i would really like a combination of both. If Video Recorder compressed as it recorded it would be perfect.

    I like that you can email, and upload to youtube from Video Recorder tho.

  3. marwan Says:

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  4. Jorge Says:

    Is there anyway to transfer the videos from cycoder to the laptop?

  5. AJ Says:

    no email for the 2.01+ for video recorder thats sucks

  6. Max Says:

    The videos are put in /var//mobile/Media/Videos I believe.

    I like both apps, but I use Cycorder because the full version of Video Recorder is $20 and that’s way too much for this app. Plus saurik said Cycorder will support audio, probably this week (but possibly as part of a premium version which I doubt will be $20).

  7. iambored8907 Says:

    Jay says audio recording will come soon and the app wont be free anymore :(

  8. iamse7en Says:

    LOL it doesn’t compress the video so quickly so that you can view it right afterwards. It doesn’t compress it at all. Compare file sizes between the IVR and Cycorder. It’s quite ridiculous.

  9. Asa Says:

    I think jay is the best iPhone programer today. He throws these (cydia,winterboard)overnight with none to few bugs. He rocks

  10. Jack Bauer Says:


    The vid quality of Cycorder beats IVR hands down even at best quality setting and low audio.

  11. iambored8907 Says:

    I think erica sadun is the best programer for the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong Jay is good, but I think Erica has him beat :)

  12. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    Cycorder /does/ compress the video: it uses MJPEG compression, which is what you get from most point-and-shoot digital cameras that also happen to record video. If you didn’t compress videos you get Showtime, the third video recorder from 1.x, which used 16MB to record a 4s video. Cycorder generates files almost 10x smaller than that.

    It is definitely true, though, that Cycorder doesn’t generate /tiny/ files, but it does generate the file sizes I, at least, have come to expect from my previous camera at the quality level I’ve come to expect. IVR generates tiny files, but the files are nearly worthless to me given their much lower quality: I simply don’t enjoy taking them.

  13. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    To be fair, I wrote Cycorder in a few weeks (not overnight) and I did it a few months ago. I sat on it for a while trying to figure out what I was going to do with it and then ported it to 2.x just in time to get it into the App Store… which never happened (Apple hasn’t even rejected the application yet, or even acknowledged its presence). I’ve finally given up, mostly due to the success of Snapture, and have decided to try out ads for a while and possibly sell it via Cydia.

  14. lawsangel Says:

    where do you get it? i checked cycdia and installer and i cant see it

  15. Paul D. Spradling Says:

    It’s in Cydia…

  16. lawsangel Says:

    Is it only for 2.0 onwards? :cry:

  17. kkm Says:


    you can view in mobilefinder then you put in shell putty.exe ln -s /var/mobile/Library/Downloads DownloadsFolder

    you can access in mobilefinder.

  18. cris Says:

    how can i upload the video recorded in cycorder to my mac?

  19. cris Says:

    i have iMAC, but dont know how to import the video taken from cycorder to my mac….any trick? or instruction?

  20. shaffan Says:

    would be cool, if cycorder had a function to encode the files taken later, so i can keep important ones in good quality and the others in low quality…this would save up a lot of space

    thanks for the great app!, im surely buying it!

  21. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    Install Netatalk from Cydia (its under Networking or use Search) and follow the instructions on its page for getting file sharing working. What you will then want to do is to go into mobile/Media/Videos ;P.

  22. Arturo Says:

    hey i need some help, my mac cant doesnt show my iphone in finder. and im pretty weak with techno and all, what should i do? i have a good set of vids from my cycorder but i have no idea on how to upload it up my mac

  23. BambaChris Says:

    Please help, How can i upload my videos from the iPhone to my laptop(windows)?

  24. BambaChris Says:

    Any hand to help, please…

  25. AC Says:

    i want to extract the movie file from my iphone. i used the cycorder to record these movie. Now i want to extract these movies to my PC. what can i do?

  26. AC Says:

    i can’t find the netatalk from the cycorder. How can i find it. i followed your instruction but i still can’t find.

  27. Alex Says:

    hey i’m running into the same problem as Arturo…any help on how to get Finder to recognize my iphone?

  28. BambaChris Says:

    Hey Guys,

    You may try downloading diskaid. Just go to
    Try It, it’s cool!

  29. Shanka Says:

    I really like this cycorder very very much but the only problem is I am not able to transfer the recorded files ….. Please help me how to transfer files from cycorder to my MacBook pro laptop.

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