Aug 20

Firemint a mobile games developer presented one of the best racing games for the iPhone so far. The title is Real Racing and i must say after watching the vid’s that this is one of the games you will love if you’re in to racing. The graphics are stunning and the tilt controls are super cool!

What else is so special about this game? There’ll be head-to-head multiplayer racing over the network or via wi-fi. And you’ll be able to upload your best times to Firemint’s web-based community, and even create mini-leagues of your friends. What’s more, the game will have spin-off Facebook and OpenSocial applications, letting you show off your prowess to friends on social networks.

Plus whenever you upload a lap, the replay of your performance is automatically converted into a video and slapped onto YouTube as well.
This just sounds to good to be true.
The release of the game is sheduled to be by the end of the year, presumably christmas.
For now i can show you 2 video’s of the game and leave some comments about what you think.


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5 Responses to “App Store – FireMint presents real racing iPhone game.”

  1. M@RT!N Says:

    Looks great. Awesome screen refresh rate!

  2. Illiana Says:

    Amazing & Incredible … Hope can try it soon!
    :razz: :razz:

  3. Marwan Says:

    AWESOME. but coming at the end of the year :sad: :sad:

  4. g Says:

    looks cool , but i think need for speed undercover well be as good as this one

  5. mirza Says:

    what about braking?

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