Aug 16

So, since the 2.0 update, apple have decided to eliminate the ability, to play Video podcasts as audio only.

Why would you want to play Video Podcasts as audio only? click more to find out, and to find out how you can do it on 2.0

So, on the 1.1.4 firmware, Video Podcasts were played as either Videos by selecting them from the Videos Section of the iPod, or audio if you selected them from the Podcast section.

The Audio only selection was quite good for Podcasts such as “Diggnation” or “Totally Rad Show”, as these didnt require video all the time. Meaning you could put the phone to sleep and still play the audio (HELPFUL for activities requiring both hands).

However since Apple updated to 2.0, you can no longer play the video podcasts audio only. Hence no longer being able to listen to the shows when you’ve got no spare hands, although, there is a workaround


  1. Open the iPod and select the video podcast from the “PODCAST” section.
  2. Close the iPod and return to home screen (Video will stop)
  3. Put iPhone to sleep
  4. Double tap the home button until the “mini” iPod menu opens.
  5. Click Play and then unlock
  6. You can now listen to the podcast while surfing Safari or sending a text message!

Hope this helps.

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  1. Muziek afspelen uit een vodcast > Nieuws > Says:

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  2. Alan Hart Says:

    Under 2.2 I think the behaviour of the double click popup has changed slightly if the last thing you were playing was video, but the trick still works if the phone was in sleep mode. If you’re using a handsfree kit (including the apple-supplied headphones) you can also resume the sound after step 3 above with a click of the microphone pod.

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