Aug 16

All of us remember the Safari Download Plugin from the 1.1.4 firmware. This plugin allowed you to download supported files directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch from the internet. These files could then be taken off, or manipulated in other ways. Well, the improved Safari Download Plugin 2.0 has appeared in Cydia today, along with a BossPrefs toggle.

This plugin can be very useful in some situations. On 1.1.4, there was an application called AVPlayer that allowed music or videos to be played directly from MobileFinder. So you could download music using the plugin, and then play it in MobileFinder using AVPlayer. The 2.0 firmware doesn’t have anything like AVPlayer yet, but it’s possible we could see something like it. Also, if a new beta application is developed while you’re on the road, and developer only has it available for download via it’s googlecode page, or other site, you could download the .zip using the plugin, unzip it using the unzip command in MobileTerminal, transfer it to the /Applications directory using the new MobileFinder, and set correct permissions using Terminal. There are many other uses, those are just some. Also, downloaded files are saved in /var/mobile/Library/Downloads. Here are some screenshots:

Also, there is a BossPrefs toggle available for download, although I see little use for it. Before, it was useful because the only options the plugin gave when it came across a downloadable file was to either download it, or change the filename, then download it. It gave no option to play the media file instead of downloading it, and that’s where the BossPrefs toggle came in handy. Now, it gives you an option of downloading it or playing it, so I don’t really see why it’s needed. But it’s still good to have.

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24 Responses to “Cydia: Safari Download Plugin 2.0”

  1. Dave Says:

    COOL works great
    Is there a good file viewer you can use on Iphone 2.0 to view things you download via Seeqpod

    Let us know

    Thanks everyone

  2. shoxxxi Says:

    vlc4iphone is much powerful than AvPlayer!

    It’s currently beta (made by ZodttD -> :!:

    Public release should be available soon.

  3. Braden Says:

    Well, there’s MobileFinder in the App Store. You can tweak that to view your whole filesystem. It’s only $1.99. My previous post explains how to do that, so you can refer to it. But MobileFinder in the App Store is pretty good. It can copy and paste, zip files, and do lots more. I just checked, and it can play mp3s. So that would be your best bet.

  4. Dave Says:

    I tried VLC but I cant get it to see Moble, Library, downloads directory so it cant see the music I just donwloaded

  5. jazir Says:

    how do you tweak mobilefinder to be awesome again? omg i wanna know :lol:

  6. jazir Says:

    because i dont see instructions to view the whole filesystem :(

  7. Braden Says:

    Refer to my previous post here:

    It’s at the bottom of the post, after the screenshots.

  8. Ree Says:

    Does anyone know how the links must be formed for this to work? just a link like works fine, but doesn’t (and not either).

  9. onecarloz Says:

    Where do I get this safari plug in I just got a Iphone 3g and I want to be able to download zip files from websites and attachements from emails I already have mobile finder, please help.

  10. Sam Says:

    I wish something like avplayer comes soon could be really helpful

  11. Trigger_happy Says:

    After you play the file in the media player in Safari how do you stop it? I closed out of Safari and its still playing? Help?

  12. v Says:

    works well but difficult to accesss saved(dl’ed) files. to stop safai or ipod or other running process /app that you are in without it runing in background, hold home till you return to springboard

  13. Eddie Says:

    How do I configure it to allow me to download doc, pdf, or other generic filed. It works fine for mp3s but not those other file types. Thanks!

  14. Bcks Says:

    This used to work for me but now for some reason, it looks like it works (downloading,etc, no crashes) but when I browse my phone there is nothing saved in my downloads folder. I use a PC, with iPhoneBrowser to look through my phone. The program works fine because I’ve been using it to theme my iphone. Anyone understand why I wouldn’t be seeing anything in the downloads folder? And before you ask – I’ve triple-checked I’m in the right folder, and have had a look about through other folders to make sure I really am looking where the program should be downloading!

  15. Yo Says:

    Is the download continuing if safari closed?

  16. Help Says:

    I accidentally deleted var/mobile/library/downloads/ now its says the download wont start. I tried to make it again and it still wont work

  17. Alex Says:


  18. mayoo Says:

    How to Download
    Iphone videokamara?

  19. toni kay Says:

    does anyone know how to delete videos downloaded to var/mobile/library/downloads?

  20. Bapakkerapu Says:

    I’m downloading something and the speed very slow than how to cancel or stop download.

  21. Danny Says:

    Does this work in IOS 4?

  22. Malumbo Says:

    Firstly how did u delete the varmobileliabrarydownloads?

  23. Bashshfhhff Says:

    Can some one help me how do I install cydia to my iPod 4.2.1

  24. Lorenzo Says:


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