Aug 16

Most of you have known the jailbraik app Moleskine for quite some time. Now developer Hon Cheng ( has released his popular iPhone app to the App Store. One big change in the app store versions is the fact that they are no longer donation-ware but that you have to pay for them. Moleskinery has a price set of 3.99$ but Moleskinery+ has a hefty price set of 10.99$!

Compared to the older Moleskine the new app’s don’t bring a lof of new features. The standard pictures we know from the older Moleskine are still there but the accelerometer support has been removed. For more information about the older Moleskine app, check these posts.

For all of you who don’t wan’t to pay for the app via the App Store, Hon Cheng promised to bring the new features to the jailbreak community also.

Moleskinery home page

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