Aug 12

Well, it’s finally here. The well loved Kate by RIP Dev is finally released for the 2.0 firmware. However, it is a public beta, so install at your own risk.You can install Kate by going to your sources and refreshing the RIP Dev source. Then go to All Packages, and Kate should be at the top. Once again, I’m not sure how stable this is, so install at your own risk. Enjoy!

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21 Responses to “Kate for 2.0 released in Installer as public beta.”

  1. Multinova Says:

    I’ve installed it upon my freshly restored 2.0.1 iPhone and for now it all seems ok. I’ll come back later with more information. Thanks to for the screenshot.

  2. Matt Says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:

  3. me Says:

    It doesn’t install on 2.0. Gets to the end then crashes back to springboard.

  4. brandon Says:

    nice. for some reason when I install it, it doesn’t show up on the board. I’ve continued to install and re-install and no results. boo.

  5. daniel coelho Says:

    Im having the same problem…

  6. daniel coelho Says:

    Ive found out! Kate isnt an icon now! It on Settings -> RipDev!!! Check that out!

  7. dariohh Says:

    I didn’t get a Springboard icon either. However, when you go into Settings and scroll down to the bottom you can access all of the Kate settings from there. It’s working pretty good so far!

  8. travies Says:

    Has anyone gotten this to work? Downloaded fine and system font works, but reflec dock, label colors, and 5 icon dock has yet to kick in. Any advice? Permissions wrong?

  9. Paul D. Spradling Says:

    Kate sux

  10. Jee Says:

    Wth, I installed it and the settings are now somehow in russian language. How the heck do i change that

  11. sup3rst4r Says:

    Mines not working…. installed fine but its not showing in settings….

  12. Jay Says:

    Anyone know how to turn off the calander feature?

  13. kraussco Says:

    i alwys gozt the mesage “bad url”

  14. Mack Says:

    Kate is probably actually one of the BEST third party apps…it allows for further customization of the iPhone. For this version, there isn’t a homescreen icon people!! You have to go to settings and scroll down to “Rip Dev” and that is where Kate is.

  15. goc Says:

    :grin: it works great on 2.0.1

  16. sup3rst4r Says:

    i’m on 2.0, maybe thats why its not working….

  17. sup3rst4r Says:

    got it working, just upgraded to 2.0.1 and it worked much better! Also, FOR THOSE WHO WANT A REAL SOLUTION TO THE BLACK DOCK SITUATION, instead of having to add the dock to the wallpaper (which can be a problem with the new animated/html wallpapers) simply do the following:

    1. ssh into iphone
    2. goto “/Library/MobileEnhancer/”
    3. rename the “FLDefaultDockBG.png” to “FLDefaultDockBG.png.bak”
    4. place your own dock there and rename it to “FLDefaultDockBG.png”
    5. turn on dock background in kate and your done!

  18. kfernandes29 Says:

    I am on firmware 2.0 and this is not showing up under Settings.

  19. Michael Says:

    for some reason when i install it, it’s not in settings either : /..

  20. Michael Says:

    restarted and got it there :|

  21. Sam Says:

    kate f’ed up my phone feature on the iphone. i couldnt press the press button without it crashing. i removed it, and voila! it worked. kate is cool, but fix that bug.

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