Aug 07

Last night a lot of press releases where made. A whopping 21 countries will be offering the iPhone 3G from 22 august. America Mobil will release the iPhone 3G in Mexico, Argentina, Chili, Colombia, Ecuqdor, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

The new European countries which will have the iPhone 3G are Romenai, Poland, Letland, Litovia, Hongaria, Slovakia, Tjechia and Greece.

Even China will be getting our beloved iPhone 3G on the 22th!

Here’s the full list:

  • Argentinië (America Movil)
  • Chili (Claro/America Movil, Movistar/Telefonica)
  • Colombia (America Movil)
  • Ecuador (America Movil)
  • El Salvador (America Movil)
  • Estland (TeliaSonera, EMT)
  • Filippijnen (Globe Telecom)
  • Griekenland (Vodafone) – nieuw!
  • Guatemala (America Movil)
  • Honduras (America Movil)
  • Hongarije (T-Mobile)
  • India (Bharti Airtel, Vodafone)
  • Letland (TeliaSonera)
  • Litouwen (TeliaSonera)
  • Paraguay (America Movil)
  • Peru (America Movil)
  • Polen (Orange, Era)
  • Roemenië (Orange)
  • Slovakije (T-Mobile, Orange)
  • Tsjechische Republiek (Telefonica O2)
  • Uruguay (America Movil)

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8 Responses to “iPhone 3G to be released in 21 countries on 22 august”

  1. david Says:

    at least the country list could have been translated :D

  2. Don Camello Says:

    Egypt flag is available in the photo, but Egypt is not in the full list!!
    it this mean that its still not coming to Egypt on 22 August???????

  3. Wesley Says:

    The photo is the full list of countries that someday will get the iPhone 3G, taken from Apple’s website.

    Brasil is also on that picture, and not on the list. :sad:

  4. Las Pecas Says:

    You wrote Romania both times wrong. Can’t you write ROMANIA???

  5. marwan Says:

    LOL ya,r. U from Egypt?I am :mrgreen: but I got mine from dubai :mrgreen:

  6. marwan Says:

    srry guys my comment has been put 3times….forget bout it lol :wink:

  7. Dimitris Karakatsanis Says:

    Please, tell us where did you get the info for Greece?
    It seems that you get it from “” (that’s why you mentioned us as “Griekenland”), that it get it from “”, that it get it from …who knows who!

  8. IOSIF__GR Says:

    I AGREE WITH Dimitris Karakatsanis . here in Greece we have no official information about the day of release. is not something official…

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