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Winterboard is an application that is trying to fill in the gap of a missing summerboard in 2.0 untill it returns. for screenshots and little how to guide read on.

**you must restart your iphone after installation, before doing any of this or it will not work**

right now there is only one theme (if you wanna call it a theme) that comes with the installation of winterboard. all it installs is a background, but this can be fixed. you can download other themes that install a background, icons, status bar, the whole 9 yards.

just go back into cydia (after you have downloaded winterboard) and there are themes to chose from. you can preview one by clicking more info. once it is installed it will go directly to the winterboard category (no SSH involved). so go back to and choose the theme you want. done!

*i have had questions about exporting themes from customize and back into winterboard. for all wondering this cannot be done. i have tried and when you download a theme in customize and export it to winterboard it sets the iphone to its original backup. themes must be re-written for 2.0.Â

update: WinterBoard has just recieved an update that fixes the dock problems.Â



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60 Responses to “Winterboard- a temporary SummerBoard replacement (update)”

  1. Dave Says:

    will this work with Customize where I can change the icons of the apps to what I want and use my background from Winterboard??

  2. Jon Says:

    you can apple the theme you want under winterboard then go under customize and find a theme you like. then download it and click “apply to..” and it will give you a check and you can select icons.

  3. kkm Says:

    possible dock transparent??

  4. Jon Says:

    if your asking it was supposed to be on picture # 3.

  5. John Says:

    Can you provide a link to the first theme you posted with that spacey background?

  6. Chris Says:

    I too am wondering about the transparent dock. I’ve tried both using Customize to put on a trans dock, and manually sftping one into the phone. All it seems to do is black out the dock background, still not showing the springboard background.

    On a side note, anyone else unable to edit the .png theme files with photoshop? I’m getting parse errors whenever I try to load.


  7. Jon Says:

    im sorry i thought i had, update with names.

  8. kkm Says:

    where is picture 3?

  9. Jon Says:

    well picture 2 i guess.. i was counting the top right hand picture.

  10. scotty Says:

    thank you much appreciated

  11. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    I am working on transparent dock support. Its a little more difficult on 2.x for a few reasons.

    I will note that I don’t consider WinterBoard to be a “temporary replacement”. Its actually already a lot more powerful in that I coded up a generic system for supporting resource theming (so pretty much any application that has graphics can now be easily themed with WinterBoard), and am working with some of the big names in iPhone themes to add some support for .artwork theming. I think people are going to end up liking WinterBoard a lot more, in general, than SummerBoard as it can actually be developed in the longer term (pretty much everything NullRiver ever did died because they stopped caring about it and it wasn’t open source, unlike Cydia and WinterBoard).

  12. doneagle Says:

    Apparently, applying application icons under customize doesn’t overwrite the theme icons from winterboard. So it’s either using the full theme of winterboard or using customize.

    You can import the themes in customize but then you can’t change background wallpaper again.

  13.   WinterBoard by IphoneUser.Ro Says:

    [...] [via iPhoneFreakz] [...]

  14. shoxxxi Says:

    Nice one.

    You pwned NullRiver once again.

  15. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    Ok, I finished the transparent dock theme support ;P. I also fixed the translucency on the status bar to be like what it used to be, but I haven’t yet finished theming it with StatusBar.png. I should be able to get that done tomorrow. That will just leave changing the icon label text by default to white for support of all the older themes, and then I can concentrate on purely new features for themers! (Oh, also, I finished the .artwork theming, and its incredibly awesome. There will be information on my website on how WinterBoard kicks SummerBoard’s a** tomorrow.)

  16. Jon Says:

    I apologize.. I thought the same thing about half an hour after I posted it and saw how popular it was becoming.

    Thanks for all of the hard work!

  17. Alex Says:

    This is great! Keep up the good work! :grin:

  18. Alan Says:

    I installed winterboard originally and then the new icon, when i went to update winterboard i had to uninstall the new icon. Now i have no icon at all. I’ve tried uninstall winterboard and reinstall several times. Any suggestions?

  19. ---xXNateXx--- Says:

    i am changing the individual icons using WinSCP. Problem is when i install the weather theme is doesnt change the icon. i have the icon named as “Weather” is it supposed to be something else?

  20. Bobby Says:

    one thing i miss from summerboard was the ability to hide the text under the app icons…. is there anyway you can add this to winterboard?

    so far winterboard does exactly what i need and want except for that!

  21. Rambus Says:

    This is better than nothing a all. Now I just copied my old SB theme to my iPhone and with Winterboard it looks like it’s mine again!!!

  22. Jay Freeman (saurik) Says:

    Alan: hmm… reinstalling should fix the icon pretty much no matter what. I’m not certain why you are still having this problem :(.

    xXNateXx: You are in Celsius mode. The Weather icon for celsius looks different, is stored in a different place, and is loaded by a different (mostly hardcoded) mechanism. I have modified WinterBoard to make it detect that case and fall back to the Weather.png icon.

    Bobby: There is now a feature you can add to your Info.plist files to do dramatic modifications to the fonts and colors of icon labels (using CSS modifiers ;P it turns out that’s how Apple’s rendering engine works). You should be able to use this to set an alpha channel on them and get rid of them, but I’m also going to make that a setting unto itself in Info.plist tomorrow.

    I now have documentation up for WinterBoard theming: It doesn’t cover the Info.plist stuff yet, but will soon.

  23. puppet Says:

    Each time I install winterboard and run a theme it seems to brick my iphone. I tried narrowing what the cause could be and it seems that each time I run a theme it will work perfect, though within an hour my system will crash and I have to restore. I’ve done a reboot each time i installed winterboard and each time I change a theme on my iphone. I haven’t found any forums that are discussing the matter so I thought that maybe I had a hardware problem. I tried installing winterboard onto my friend’s phone and the same thing happened–a complete lock out. is there something that im doing wrong?

  24. autti Says:

    Hi, I have the same problem ‘Alan’ is having, the Winterboard icon is no longer showing up after I updated the Winterboard Icon. I have tried reinstalling the Winterboard many times, I have also uninstalled the winterboard icon, but nothing seems to fix it. I can see the Winterboard icon if I go to BossPrefs hide icons which means the application is installed. I have also tried hide and unhide icon with BossPrefs and still have the problem.
    Any suggestions?

  25. Jon Says:

    hmm.. if you SSH into your iphone and go into and click on icon.png what happens? or rather copy it to your desktop. does it show a blank icon or the winterboard icon?

  26. Jon Says:

    hmmm.. im afraid ive never heard of anything like this. what theme are you using? and what version? he has released about 5 updates in the past 3 days.

  27. autti Says:

    i copied it to the desktop and its a icon blue icon with a snowflake on it

  28. puppet Says:

    neon standard and vending machine…they both worked perfect, until the crash. the last time i tested winterboard was today at around noon EST. what will happen exactly is that all the apps stop loading except for the phone, forcing me to reboot manually (i usually use ireboot) and thats when it bricks.

  29. puppet Says:

    i should say crash

  30. Jon Says:

    hmm… i dont know.. that is the right icon.. ill try emailing you and alan a copy of my icon and you can copy it back in and see what it does.

  31. autti Says:

    hey I got it to work. I uninstalled the winterboard from the phone then accessed the iphone thru ssh from the computer and I opened the applications folder and the application was still there even thou I uninstalled it, so i deleted the folder winterboard from the application folder, disconnected the phone, restarted it and installed the winterboard application again and the application works now

  32. Heimlich Says:

    Themes doesn’t show on the list, even the default one. when i open up winterboard it’s just blank even after restart. Does anybody knows how to make this work? Thanks…

  33. Thanks Says:

    :mrgreen: Thanks Autti that work for me :grin:

  34. Adonious Says:

    same problem as Heimlich
    I install Winterboard, restart downlaod the reveal theme, it doesnt show, all I see is a blank list

  35. demesne Says:

    sometimes when the original takes too long to become availabe and the stopgap app is used to fill the needs, there seems no need of the original app itself, even when it become available…

    winterboard, bsd subsystem, cydia ….. all are just too good to be a temporary fix.
    I think they should replace the originals !!

  36. malone Says:

    I am having the same problem as Heimlich and Adonious as well. I install the WB theme. Should I install something before that because I cannot get it to take.

  37. Adonious Says:

    No, I dont think you should install anything other then winterboard and the theme

    Here are my steps:
    Install winterboard, restart, instal theme, restart, go to winterboard theme nothing pops up.
    Ipod touch jailbreaked 2.0

  38. Raven Trelawney Says:

    Yeah… i’m having the theme not showing up problem as well… does anyone have a fix for this???

  39. iconiks Says:

    Me too … doesn’t seem to matter which theme. I was able to install and run winterboard after updating to 2.0 on a 2.5g iphone, but since the 2.01 update, winterboard crashes the phone to the point a restore is required.

  40. Heraclarx Says:

    i had the same, updated to 2.0.2 and cracked,
    now it works again!


  41. Ryo Says:

    I got a strange problem.

    Last week I jailbroke my iPhone 3G 2.0.2fw using the quickpwn.
    It was a flawless process.

    After installing several applications (BossPref, Video Recorded) I decided to go ahead and try the winterboard. Installation went smooth. However, after restarting the iphone it just stayed with the apple logo and I never got to the PIN screen.

    No matter what I tried, I had no choice but to restore my phone.

    Jailbroke it again – and today decided to try again the winterboard. I couldnt find any reference on the web for having special issues, so I went ahead and installed it. Same phenomenon.

    Luckily, I had my wifi turned on by default and SSHd was running. I SSHed to the iphone and removed the winterboard using the apt-get remove command.
    Rebooted the iphone .. everything back to normal.

    any one have any ideas what am I doing wrong?


  42. Bernard Says:

    How do I get this on my jailbroke iphone 3g? I have cydia and Installer 4 installed on the phone, but when I nagivate to “featured packages > winterboard … I get this message: “Cannot locate package, the package winterboard cannot be found in your current sources. I might recommend installing more sources.”
    I have searched under “All Packages” in Cydia and it is no where in the list.

    anyone can help me resolve this issue.

  43. saifee akil Says:

    i m having the same problem. Cant find winterboard in cydia. I have tried all sections but nowhere.??? Pls help.

  44. Saifee Akil Says:

    I am having the same problem as Bernard above mentioned. Winterboard is not listed on cydia anymore??!!!

  45. Bernard Says:

    I wrote to Jay Freeman about this and his recommendation was to jailbreak again, but this time use QuickPwn.
    I did that and everything is working just great. I was able to install winterboard directly from Cydia.
    I had used PwnageTool before, but I guess something is still wrong with that process.

    Hope this helps.

  46. Saifee Akil Says:

    thanx bernard. i tried to quickpwn but that didnt work either. actually during that process i realized an error that was displayed saying the memory/RAM is corrupt. i guess the problem had happened while pwning. so i had to re-pwn and restore and after that it worked!!

  47. ---xXNateXx--- Says:

    hey im wondering how to change the battery icon on the right hand corner

  48. Bernard Says:

    Glad it worked out ok for you. Have fun with your new jailbroke iPhone!!!
    Cydia is just great, I have had my entire phone transform from all the specialize apps in Cydia.


  49. Saifee Akil Says:

    i agree. and its list of apps is slowly growing. has lots of modding and theming addons. installer is slow and jerky.

    actually my iphone is not new. its a yr old now (1.1.1 OTB). i have been playing and modding it since then. :smile:

  50. Surtsey Says:

    To call Winterboard a temporary replacement for Summerboard shows great ignorance of its actual purpose and capabilities.

  51. Jeepin Says:

    I just got my IPhone 3G and installed winterboard on day 1. I decided to setup the fading wallpapers using the wallpaper.html file technique. Since doing that my phone seems to stay warmer than previously, so my question is, does it continue to fade through all the images (I have about 30) even when the phone is locked and the screen is off? Or, does it disable the fade routine when the phone locks? If not, is that on the list for future versions?

  52. Mike Says:

    I have a jailbroken original Iphone. Winterboard was working fine, but everytime I got a new theme via cydia, it installed but never showed up in winterboard. I then reinstalled winterboard to no avail. I removed it and then re installed it and now only have two listings in it. SOmething called BlackJainDim and Neurox Leopard. I never heard of those. How can i get new themese to show up?

  53. Mike Says:

    Update: I uninstalled every theme, winterboard and customize. Deleted the folders through SSH and then restarted my iphone. Reinstalled Winterboard and it has a blank screen when I run it. I reinstalled a theme to no avail, it doesn’t show up. Is there something else to delete besides apps/winterboard and library/themes?

  54. jhr Says:

    Can somebody tell me what to do when the winterboard screen only turns up blank?I nave an 2.0.2 jailbroken itouch. And i already tried to restart and reinstall everything

  55. James Says:

    I’ve installed Winterboard tonight and have found that the phone funtion of the iPhone just will not work. The keypad appears, then disappears after a few seconds but will not let me select anything while it’s on. I can receive calls, but can’t make any! Running a 1st gen, unlocked iPhone on Orange running 2.1 firmware. Help, please!

  56. kyle Says:

    i jailbroke my iphone with quickpwn followed all the steps but i have no winterboard icon? i have cydia an installer..

  57. Me Says:

    Uhm, Ive got an ipod touch 2g with 2.2.1. I jailbroke it yesterday, and i havent been able to install anything from cydia, and winterboard isnt there.All it says when i try is Cannot Comply. What do i do?

  58. Kate Says:

    I need help – I recently jailbroke my iPhone but I have winterboard and I’m really confused as to how to install themes. I want to install Summerboard but I don’t know how to UNINSTALL Winterboard. Can someone help me?!
    **Please give a detailed description if you can :]

  59. RCH Says:

    I just upgraded to 3.0 firmware on my 3g iphone and then used redsnow to jailbreak it again. I cannot not find winterboard to run themes anywhere now. I have cydia but cannot find it there to download, it tells me to download more sources but I don’t know the right source. Can anyone help with this? Thanks

  60. Quinn Says:

    I have a iPod touch and I installed cydia no problem. Then I installed winterboard. In cydia it says that I have it but isn’t on my homescreen. I’ve installed and uninstalled winterboard but it doesn’t do anything. When I got cydia for the first time I got winterboard but didn’t know what it was so deleted it.

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