Aug 02

I have contacted DreamCatcher, the creators of iPhone video recorder, one of the best iPhone apps on jailbroken 1.1.4, and learned a little bit of information.

It seems as if they no longer plan on releasing the iphone video recorder to the jailbreak community but instead into the app store. It is unknown what those who have previously purchased the app will have to do, but im guessing purchase it again. they told me that they have already submitted it into the app store for reviewing by apple.

as far as the price goes (whether keeping the same 20$ price) he says “Price depends on App Stores”. DreamCatcher said that they also plan on releasing their iPhone recorder, and audio recorder, as well.Â

Update: i have contacted DreamCatcher again concercing the price for those who have already purchased this app and his response was that if they are listed in the App Store they will release two 3G versions:Â
-one is the App Store version in which the App Store requires purchase before download.
-the other is a Jailbroken upgraded version which is free for the users who have previously purchased the program before it was released through App Store



23 Responses to “iPhone Video Recorder Update (updated)”

  1. Maro Says:

    :shock: :shock: :shock: nice, how many minutes can it record? :?: :?:

  2. Jon Says:

    unlimted minutes.. a one hour, high quality video is only 60 MB.

  3. Preformer Says:

    Looking good! So, how long does Apple need to check it or with other words, how long do we have to wait till we see it in the app store?

    And another question, can u tranfer te clips true itunes? Or do you have to tranfer them true email?

  4. Dave Says:

    WOW that is not fair to us who paid for it, I would suggest if they want to keep the community of users happy to allow us a refund if we bought so we can download via APPSTORE

    I noticed they did release VoiceDial already on APPSTORE for a FEE

  5. Jon Says:

    apples review can take anywhere from one day to one week.. depending on the app. i would think it would be in the appstore within the next few days.

    you can email videos youve taken but you can not upload them through itunes unless it has been changed.

  6. Jon Says:

    i dont know that for sure, they might relese a LITE version of it and have a way of upgrading that.

  7. higa27 Says:

    hey Jon I just want to say that you’ve got a great and informative site here. Yes, I can’t wait for this app to be released to the appstore, installer, or cydia because it is a must have for an iPhone user. Do you know what ever happened to uShow? There were suppose have developed a great video recording app as well. Keep up the great writing.

  8. Jon Says:

    well thank you but this isnt my site, this is multinovas. i just post here for him along with braden and george. i do not know what happened to uShow but i can try to find out. thanks for the support!

  9. Preformer Says:

    I agree higa27! Great site and greater information! Keep up the good work.

  10. Preformer Says:

    thanks Jon.

    I look forward to it.

    By the way (little off topic), does anybody know how to turn off the T9 or turn it into enlish temporary instead of dutch?

  11. Jon Says:

    your welcome. im sorry but i have NO idea what your talking about T9? does have to do with this site, or this app, or the iphone? its just escaped my mind.

  12. iamse7en Says:

    These idiots won’t get accepted into the App Store. The SDK doesn’t support a video capturing API.

    They’re wasting their time. I heard it directly from Scott Forstall’s mouth about this very issue.

  13. Jon Says:

    well then we shall get it through installer.

  14. AJ Says:

    Now that is ugly i paid 20 bucks now they are running away with the cash thats bull#@**! I want my money back you irippoffs :twisted:

  15. Jon Says:

    sorry no more uShow. at least he is not affiliated with it anymore. although they are planning on releasing a video recorder, sharing app, that is much better than ushow. they plan on releasing it through appstore.

  16. Tom Bonez Says:

    T9 is the predicted text on the iphone, a simple way 2 turn it off is by renaming the folder containing the predicted text via ssh.

    Id explain where and how to do it but im not at my pc, a simple google search will pull up a guide neways

  17. gsr Says:

    yeah but it takes forever just encode 3-5 mins. i tll take hours for 60mins

  18. Jon Says:

    it would take about 2 hours for 60 minutes. but you can have the option of decoding later and not immediately.. you might could even run insomnia and encode it in the background :smile: just a thought.

  19. BC Says:

    It just sucks to have to PAY for a video recorder.. I’ve had several phones that CAME WITH a video recorder. After paying for the magical iPhone.. why am I forced to keep paying for things that I had before for FREE! This is all bs! App Store or not.. it should be free.. and Apple should have included it!

    The AT&T store guy tried to tell me Apple didn’t include video recording because they didnt want people to be able to take video and send it to others. Apple didnt want to be hassled by the FTC, because he thought this was a “big issue” into privacy and security. I concluded he was an absolute idiot, being that even the most basic free phones now have video recording built in and MMS.

  20. T_LOKZz Says:

    It’s not called T9 lmao

  21. B Prince Says:

    unlike mr se7en there I actually hope they approve this, because like BC said, it should hve been included from the beginning. Keep us posted!!!

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  23. cbgb Says:

    So wrong, so very, very wrong. Looks like these “idiots” aren’t as idiotic as you!

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