Aug 01

THIS JUST IN! one of the Rip-Dev team members has reported on the rip-dev russian blog that installer 4 is being released on Cydia tomorow! Here is the post where the comment was made. It will be available for download through cydia. Or if you have yet to jailbreak your iphone it will be available in the pwnagetool.

although we must take this with a very large grain of salt. i do not see why they would announce it through their russian forum before making a post about it on their site. yet we did recieve a tip earlier this week that installer would be released this week. so keep your eyes open.

update: it seems as if the comment has been removed from the forum so perhaps this was not a real rip=dev-team member (either this or they didnt want to ruin the surprise ;) ). we shall standby and see tomorow.

update 2: seems as if it was all a hoax. (see George’s above post)

33 Responses to “Installer being released tomorrow! (update)”

  1. pickard Says:

    Althought there is no verifactation that this was actually him..
    Could well be fake

  2. Jon Says:

    we also got a tip earlier this week that it would be released this week and the week is coming to an end.

  3. jazir Says:

    sweet. i hate cydia. it cant respring for shit

  4. pickard Says:

    Who tipped you of? ;)

  5. Preformer Says:

    But still… The old apps can’t run on 2.0 right?

  6. mdcosta911 Says:

    Someone tell us if they can install Installer4 via cydia tomorrow pls so i can jailbreak my 3g. this is what im waiting for to jailbreak mine haha. thanks.

  7. Jon Says:


  8. Jon Says:

    yes installer will be available via cydia tomorow. it will also be available in the pwnage tool.

  9. Jon Says:

    i dont know if it will have moer apps then cydia but it will only carry 2.0 compatible apps.

  10. akid Says:

    Read the complate text he’s not slavikus :!:

  11. Jimbo Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. From what I hear, it wasn’t posted on any blog, but it was taken from comments only.

  12. jazir Says:

    i just like the format better. plus its actually harder for people to make cydia repos. this will be great. how come you guys dont develop some apps? id actually love to see that seeing as you get the best (and worst) sides of every app. im sure if u developed something itd be a triple A app.

  13. sdxkokc Says:

    rip-dev != rid-dev

  14. Jon Says:

    sadly none of us have macs (well I don’t know about George) but you can be assured if we did (or at least I) you would see some apps from us

  15. Jon Says:

    oh thanks! ive been sitting here staring at your comment for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what you meant! (i didnt see the d in the second rip dev)

  16. jazir Says:

    get an osx86 up. google it the links there, u could run osx on ur pc. isnt there code u code write then just compile to a diff language? or am i missing something

  17. asa Says:

    If you read Rip Dev updates it doesn’t appear it will be released for public on sunday.

    “Meanwhile, if you host a moderately big repository for Installer 3.x, this is a call for you. Please email me the URL to your repo and a brief description about it, and we’ll start sending out the new repo code along with the specs and the Installer beta on Sunday.”

  18. asa Says:

    However, hopefully we can ALL be beta testers :lol:

  19. Jon Says:

    there are already repos available so thats no reason for them not to release it. if your saying they wont because he referred to it as beta then he could simply (like asa said) make us all beta testers.

  20. Jon Says:

    you have to be running ox leopard.

  21. Jon Says:

    nevermind :grin:

  22. Rumor: Installer 4 disponible mañana en Says:

    […] Vía: iPhonefreakz. […]

  23. vlade Says:

    )))) rumors-rumors-rumors…

  24. vlade Says:

    installer in cydia :shock:

  25. vlade Says:

    ” real dev-team member ” – error in your post
    slavikus is in RiP Dev team, not in Dev-Team

  26. Jon Says:

    my bad.. typo

  27. Jash Sayani Says:

    UPDATE: Installer 4 given to Repo Owners !!!!!

    Lookout on the net for leaks, :mrgreen:

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  30. bryant george u no the deal Says:


  31. superpure Says:

    sadly for u ppl I have installer woohoo not a joke either LOL but there’s rly not much on there so ur not missing out.

  32. jpv Says:

    me too. i have installer 4.the beta but it only has 4 packages at the moment. this is for more or less a week until some repos are updated and some bugs corrected

  33. Adam Says:

    the installer 4.0b3 is out, you can get it in the install 4.0b1, just refresh your souces and it will appear in all packages :mrgreen:

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