Jul 31

Super Monkey ball is one of the best selling games on the iPhone, however, it is missing one valuable feature…the ability to play your own music from your iPod while playing the game. However there is a very easy work around. click the link to see simple step by step instructions.

Here are 8 simple step by step instructions on how to play “your own” music in the background of Super Monkey Ball.
Step 1: Load up your iPod and select your song.

Step 2: Exit to the home screen but leave your music running, it is important you leave your music playing.

Step 3: Load up ‘Super Monkey Ball’ (your music will fade away)

Step 4: Enter the options menu and turn the music volume down to mute.

Step 5: Put your iPhone to sleep

Step 6: Double tap the home button, a mini iPod menu should appear just below the clock.

Step 7: Press play and “Slide to unlock” the phone.

Step 8: Enjoy Super Monkey Ball while playing your own music.

I hope this helps your Super Monkey Ball playing experience.

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  2. Paul D. Spradling Says:

    Nice tip, thanks :mrgreen:

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