Jul 31

SynchStep back from installer in 1.1.4 has been updated to 2.0. “SynchStep (Beta) automatically detects how fast your walking, and plays songs from your music library to match your pace.” Read on for more tips and requirements.

SynchStep measures your steps and goes into your music library and finds a song that matches your pace. Although allowing SynchStep to work requires the iphone to be on, becuase it must use the accelerometer to measure your pace and it cannot do this when the iphone is turned off.

Being able to use SynchStep requires setting up a playlist on your computer. You must download the SynchStep prep from here. From there it will set up a playlist in iTunes called SynchStep and in there it suggests you put at least 50 songs (otherwise it will have a hard time finding a song that matches your pace). Then you must go back to SynchStep prep and click Sync and it will do (most of) the rest. Then all you have to do is connect your iphone to iTunes and add the SynchStep playlist and your done!



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