Jul 31

Its only been a week since apple gave developers beta 1 of the iphone 2.1 firmware and now they have already released a second. The new version appears to have mainly bug fixes.

“This is the second beta of the iPhone SDK targeting iPhone OS 2.1, including bug fixes to iPhone OS as well as an early implementation of the Apple Push Notification Service API. This API is not yet integrated with a live push server.”

Apple still has yet to give a time frame of when the 2.1 update will be released.

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5 Responses to “Apple seeds second beta of iPhone 2.1 firmware to developers.”

  1. thabigboss Says:

    sorry to get of topic but i have installed customize over and over again and it still would only change system strings, any help would be realy great.. Thanks in advance…. :smile:

  2. Jon Says:

    have you done it via ssh or cydia?

  3. Jon Says:

    actaully this is just about all it will let anyone do. The only other thing you can do is change themes and this only changes the icon and status bar (and it looks rather ugly cuz the apps from appstore aren’t changed)

    So right now changing system strings is about all you want to do.

  4. thabigboss Says:

    thanks for the holla back Jon!! and yes it realy suck’s that the appstore icons dont change ohh well meaby time would tell.

  5. Jon Says:

    no prob :cool:

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