Jul 28

I informed you guys some time ago regarding the upcoming iControlPad Joystick solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iControlPad is a hardware add-on that will make playing games via the popular emulators much more like playing with a PSP. The first batches are expexted to be released very soon. For now i have some nice screenshots of the final rendering and some pictures of the real deal.


Real Deal !

iPhone video Link

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3 Responses to “iControlPad update”

  1. iControlPad is bijna klaar: renderings en foto’s > Nieuws > iPhoneclub.nl Says:

    […] aan iMario, die het op iPhonefreakz.com […]

  2. iphoneinator Says:

    this has nothing to do with this but has anyone on vista tried downloading the iphone sdk? what happens when you do?

  3. Bob Says:

    The iphone sdk is for the mac, at least I am the one I got is a .dmg file which is kind of like a cd image .iso but it is for a mac and it mounts like a drive and contains the installer. But it is for a mac. I really don’t know if there is one for a PC, now you have to get a mac :evil: but I like mine and it is pretty good :mrgreen:

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