Jul 27

MxTube, a YouTube video downloader, was one of my favorite applications back on my 1.1.4 jailbroken iPhone. It allows you to search through YouTube videos, much like the actual YouTube app, and download them directly to your phone to watch whenever you want with no loading time. Well, it seems like the developer is almost finished with MxTube 2.0. Continue reading for more information.

On the developer’s MxBlog, he states that we should see MxTube available through Cydia within 5 days. Here’s the blog post:

“In the last status update the background downloader was communicating with MxTube but I hadn’t implemented the actual downloading. Turns out due to some NSRunLoop problems that I didn’t figure out until it was too late, NSURLDownload and NSURLConnection were not working. After having a friend (banana) suggest implementing libcurl, I coded it in but it was reporting all files to be 0kbs big :P. Thanks to tnt the problem has been solved! I plan to have MxTube 2.0 out for pwnd 2.0 phones within 5 days. It will be available on Cydia for download.


PS: Sorry if this post is not formatted so well, running on 1 hour of sleep isn’t a good thing. )

Also, the developer says MxTube 2.0 will allow you to download YouTube videos in the background when the app is closed. It will also feature a “Stream” option, where you can stream the video instead of downloading it.

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7 Responses to “MxTube 2.0, soon to be released.”

  1. YouTube-downloader MxTube 2.0 binnenkort beschikbaar voor firmware 2.0 > Nieuws > iPhoneclub.nl Says:

    […] Via: MxBlog en iPhonefreakz.com […]

  2. Jash Sayani Says:

    Nice! Now I can download YouTube vids on my iPhone again!!! :smile:
    BTW, is MxTube open source…?

  3. thabigboss Says:

    ( )_( )
    (“)_(“) gr8 news :smile:

  4. sravan Says:


    I have an iPhone 2.2.1 3G. I had installed MxTube and downloaded a few videos. While I was downloading some video, I got a pop up saying that ‘… if this problem persists remove and reinstall MxTube. Your videos are not lost’. So I removed MxTube using Cydia. When I tried to locate and install MxTube again, I cannot find ‘install’ button. Can anyone help me to reinstall it?


  5. Sadek Says:

    Thanks for program .

  6. Sadek Says:

    I think this program is magine.

  7. gus Says:

    I updated and lost all videos….any thoughts besides download again….?

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