Jul 27

The Firmware 2.0 jailbreak community is slowly but certainly getting very cool apps. Today ZodTTD did it again. This time he ported Quake to the iPhone. I’ve played the game for some minutes and the first thing that i noticed is how smooth it runs (audio + fps). ZodTTD made this game highly playable on the iPhone except for 1 little issue. When you pay the game you can’t see the full screen as your fingers cover parts of the screen.

One thing tMost of the older Jailbreak users will remember these controls from ZodTTD’s popular emulators like GPSPhone, Temper4iPhone, Snes4iPhone and lot’s of others. Check the emulator page for more info.

To install the app, go to Cydia, refresh and go to changes. Here tap on the Quake4iPhone to get it installed.

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6 Responses to “Cydia/Installer Quake4iPhone”

  1. iphoneinator Says:

    this came out yesterday dude.. anyway this would be a lot cooler if it used the accelerometer.

  2. onesilentlight Says:

    WOW! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!!
    Thanks for telling me about this, I didn’t know it was out yet!

  3. iphoneinator Says:

    is this that thing we saw a video of earlier this year that everyone was so excited about? i dont think it is cuz im almost sure that in that video they used the accelerometer.. and they were using a different weapon.

  4. mirza Says:

    hey i cant get this package. when i go to featured and click it, it says source not found and i’ve already installed the zoddtd source!!! help please

  5. the ownage Says:

    how do i gett the soucres and firmware to run this?

  6. the ownage Says:

    and how do i get this on an ipod touch with no wifi?
    and aqlso ur ment to post the pics landscape

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