Jul 26

According to a new article. Apple is working on copy&paste in firmware 2.1. Some developers got the firmware 2.1 beta in their hands and found a reference in the Localizable.Strings for copying, cutting and pasting. The features are currently not implemented but are in high demand of most iPhone and iPod Touch users. Apple previously informed us that copy & paste was a feature that had low priority.

Another new feature found in the firmware is ‘mobile radio’, guesses think this may be a way to access all iTunes internet radios.
A third new reference has been found in the firmware. This one regarding GPS Core Location. These include means for gauging the direction a person is headed, and their velocity. Turn-by-turn GPS navigation anyone?
And the last new feature that has been spotted is are the push notification Apple announced at WWDC 2008.Apple has said that full support for push notification will only arrive in September however, which could suggest when v2.1 will be delivered via iTunes.

In the meantime Apple is believed to be preparing a v2.0.1 update, addressing bugs only

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3 Responses to “Apple working on copy & paste in fm 2.1?”

  1. matt Says:

    :shock: :grin:

  2. asa Says:

    awesome – rim and othe clones are now shaking!

  3. Jash Sayani Says:

    Yeah! They are ! Confirmed: Watch Cnet TV.

    Tom Merit and Molly Wood said it on CNET – BUZZ OUT LOUD !

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