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Here is a tutorial on how to use the newly released WinPwn 2.0. It’s fairly easy to use, but here’s a step-by-step guide on the features. To use this version of WinPwn, make sure you first uninstall WinPwn 1.0 if you have it already installed. Installing 2.0 over 1.0 will cause a few problems. Also make sure you are using iTunes version 7.7.

UPDATE: WinPwn has been updated to version It also uses up to 300MB of your computer’s RAM, so it would be a good idea to close other applications (besides iTunes) before starting.

So first, you will need the 2.0 firmware file. If you don’t already have it downloaded, you can download the first generation iPhone firmware file here and the 3G firmware here. If you already have the file, be sure it is the 5A347 build. If you are unlocking the first generation iPhone, you will need the 3.9 bootloader file and the 4.6 bootloader file. Download these items and save them to a folder you will remember, such as your desktop. Now we can get started.


Double click on the WinPwn icon on your desktop. This screen will appear.

Now, click on the “Browse .ipsw” button. Locate the 2.0 firmware file you downloaded earlier, and double click on it.

After a bit, WinPwn will recognize the file as either an iPhone firmware, or an iPhone 3G firmware. Be sure you have the correct firmware for your model.

Now we’ll create our custom firmware. Click on the “IPSW Builder” button on the left. The firmware builder will appear. On the first tab, we have the choice of including Cydia and activating YouTube. You will want to select Cydia. Only select the YouTube activation if you are not on AT&T.

On the second screen, we have the option to add a custom boot and recovery image to the firmware. To add a custom boot or recovery logo, click on the “Boot Logo” or “Restore Logo” buttons to search your computer for boot logos, or you can click “Search Online” to use logos other people have made.

On the third tab, we have the ability to upload custom payloads. To add one to the firmware, check the Custom Payload box and tap Select Payload to find it. This step can be skipped, as it is not necessary for the average user, or for the success of the firmware file creation.

On the very last tab, we have the Advanced options. Here’s an explanation of each of the options. “Activate Phone” will activate the iPhone so you can use it without activating with iTunes. Do not check this if you are with AT&T. I’m not entirely sure what the “No Wipe” feature does, but CMW says it doesn’t make a difference if you check it or not. “Enable Baseband Update” will use the 2.0 baseband with the firmware, be sure to check this. “Neuter Bootloader” will, as it says, neuter the bootloader. You will also want to check that. Next, there’s the option to upgrade of downgrade the bootloader. You will most likely want to upgrade to 4.6 if you have not already. “Unlock Baseband” will unlock your phone for use with other carriers besides AT&T. Second to last, you have the option to autodelete BootNeuter.app. This is advisable. You most likely won’t need it again, and it’s also very dangerous if someone decides to play with it. If you selected any of the bootloader options, you will need to click the Bootloader buttons locate the bootloader files you downloaded earlier. Also, the last few options, the neutered bootloader, bootloader upgrade and downgrade, the baseband unlock, and the autodelete, are not available for the iPhone 3G. These options may come later when advances are made, but for now, they are not.Â

Now that you are done building your firmware, click the “Build .ipsw” button in the lower left. Now locate where you will save your custom firmware. Once you decide where to save it, click Save. You will now see the progress updated as it happens. Once it is finished, you will get a confirmation saying your .ipsw was successfully created. Click OK. You will now be back at the regular WinPwn screen.

Now we will pwn iTunes, so you can restore to your custom firmware file. Click on the “iPwner” button on the left. Now locate the CUSTOM firmware you made a few moments ago and double click on it. You will then get a confirmation saying that iTunes has been pwned. Click OK.

Now that iTunes is pwned, we can restore to our own firmware. Load up iTunes and connect your phone. Now, hold down the sleep/wake button, and slide to turn your phone off. Be sure your phone is off, still plugged in to the computer, and iTunes is open. Now, hold down the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time for exactly 10 seconds. Then release the sleep/wake button and continue to hold the home button. After a few seconds, if done correctly, iTunes will notify you that it has recognized an iPhone in recovery mode, but your iPhone’s screen will remain dark, as if it is powered off. Click OK on the iTunes pop up. Now hold the Shift button on the keyboard and click on Restore. Locate the custom .ipsw file you created earlier and double click on it. iTunes should extract the software and restore the phone as it usually does. When it is finished, your iPhone will restart. If you selected any of the booloader options, or selected to unlock when you were creating your firmware, BootNeuter will start when your iPhone boots back up. It will proceed flash your bootloader and baseband based on the options you chose earlier. When it is finished, your phone will restart once again. You will now have a jailbroken/activated/unlocked iPhone!

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  1. Oliver Says:

    i have an iphone 3g and it worked i succesfully did whats the steps but then wjen i put my rogers simcard it didnt work it didnt have the signal and all that can you give me some advice

  2. Patel Says:

    :???: ok i’ve been looking at this website since the day that i got my 3g 16 gb and i know i wanna do this it doesn’t seem to hard at all just i wanna know how do i get all the things that are on my iphone stored somewhere else?

  3. Patel Says:

    Sorry dumb question i figured it out

  4. Patel Says:

    Ok I really need to get WinPwn and none of the links work on my computer well like i can download them but in the end when everything is installed it wont let me run WinPwn it says something about error and framework stuff anyone have advice?

  5. popa Says:

    you need dot net framework to run it i think you can download it from microsoft :wink: hope it helps

  6. jhonny Says:

    I created the firmware, but a wrong 1600 block the process somebody give me a solution thanks :grin:

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