Jul 22

I stumbled upon this page today. It seems that the extremely popular iPhone/iPod touch game Aurora Feint creates a copy of your contacts (e-mail addresses + phonenumbers) and hides this in a ‘secret’ directory on your iPhone. This in an of itself is a bit suspect, but alarm bells really began to go off when someone noticed that AF was sending that information to the Aurora Feint servers as well.

Personally i really don’t like to have hidden features like this in my (i)Phone. I know i jailbroke my device and installed lot’s of free open-source app’s but most of the time i did check the directory’s for hidden files or something else. The big problem i have with this is that Apple says that they ‘screen’ the applications before allowing them on to the App Store. Maybee AF was screened on a monday or friday? Anyway i still love the App Store but i will check every app that i install on to my iPhone.

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9 Responses to “Aurora Feint iPhone app with free Spyware?”

  1. Hmm Says:

    Hmm… Really Really Awkward

  2. ppz Says:

    Guys, this is only the beginning ;)

  3. zdaz Says:

    Its a bunch of bull I think, if Apple is so great they would never allow Spyware through, so I really doubt it is, actually im positive its not. Go to aurorafeint.com and read through the forums.

  4. mdcosta911 Says:

    i like this game, but, spyware? shit. and i cant even SSH into my 3g yet to find and delete these extra copies. manual restore, anyone?

  5. sjdvda Says:

    Oh I will delete this app from my iPod touch immediately.

  6. duuuh Says:

    Its supposed to be to connect with your friends through the game.


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  8. Danielle Cassley Says:

    Hi all,

    As a developer of Aurora Feint I would like to Say that the community feature was implemented with pure intentions. The game’s feature and the use of the contact information is descibed in detail on our privacy page as well as in several threads on our forum.

    To summarize, the community feature was built to connect users with people that they knew. To do this we utilize the contacts in the address book. Contact information and connections between people are NOT stored remotely. The file discussed in the above article is stored in an application specific folder for documents. The file contains character data as well as cached contact information. This cached contact data is there as a client side optimization.

    With that said we understand that the feature has caused discomfort. We are currently working with the community to reimplement this feature in a manner that people are more comfortable with. Feel rest assured we are taking this very seriously. If you would like to get involved in shaping this feature and potentially other visit the forum and leave us a post.


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