Jul 16

Firmware 2.0 has some nice new Safari mobile features. From now on safari supports some sort of youtube plugin. It’s still not possible to view the movies in the browser but now you can see the youtube screenshot and by clicking on the nice arow, it will open our native Youtube iPhone player.
Another new feature in safari: When you press the .com button for a few seconds a new row will appear wth .net .edu and .org.

More tips coming soon.

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4 Responses to “iPhone Firmware 2.0 safari enhancements”

  1. Bennyvd Says:

    Nice evolution this is,

  2. Braden Says:

    Also, my wifi seems to be a lot faster when I’m connected to any wifi network. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    I also like that when you click on a video and it opens on YouTube, when the video is finished, it returns you to the webpage instead of the YouTube app.

  3. FloRidaRdr Says:


  4. asa Says:

    come on dev team help us 1.1.4 users experince this! :grin:

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