Jul 14

Pangea Software was one of the developers that had the opportunity to show a preview of their Cro-Mag Rally game on the WWDC keynote some time ago. A lot of people instantly gave this gave much attention so i thought it would be nice to writ a small Cro-Mag rally review.

After you have installed and started the game you will see a menu with 3 options: Play Game, Settings and Info. After a few tabs on the screen you will receive the option to view the manual in Safari.
If you decide to read the manual you will see that the game has 2 game modes (Race or Gather (in gather you must try to collect as much spearheads as possible)).

The game has about 9 tracks and you can chose about 11 vehicles. Once you have played Cro-Mag rally, it will remember you much like Mario Kart racing, the only difference (except for the graphics) is that you have to collect bones + flashes. Once you are racing you also have power-ups that you can get and some weapons to annoy your fellow racers.

Steering your characters is completely accelerometer based. To go forward press arrowpoint F and to get in reverse you have to press the R :).


Cro-Mag Rally is another must-have gave for your iPhone or iPod Touch, much like Sega Super Monkey Ball. Beautifull graphics, fun gameplay and some coccasionalĂ‚ comedy touches. You just can’t go wrong with this game … if you like racing :)

Personally i give this game about 4/5. But i do have to review Crash Bandicoot Racing, so get back soon to see the differences between Crash Bandicoot and Cro-Mag Rally.


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  1. No_limits62 Says:

    So how do we prepare the public to this fight; enlightenment. ,

  2. Wolf34 Says:

    It’s quite good, although not quite at Eiskaffee level. ,

  3. Arnold30 Says:

    We should all be thankfull for this. ,

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