Jul 13

I’ve read some reports that the iPhone 3G GPS isn’t really a good function. But as this AT&T video demonstrates, the GPS function does really work nicely according to my standards. I personally can’t wait to get my own iPhone 3G (please donate :) lol) and get the TeleNav sofware. Check the vid after the break.

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3 Responses to “iPhone 3G GPS road test (video)”

  1. asa Says:

    looks good!

  2. JoeMamma Says:

    Cool. Now I can get driving directions to whorehouses!

  3. asa Says:

    Another review was saying today that when you are driving the map sometimes won’t change so you have to physically move the map so you can see where you are driving. That doesn’t sound to user friendly when you have to take your hands off the wheel and re position yourself on goggle map….. :idea: All we can hope for is apple or another 3rd party get this iphone back in the game when it comes to GPS (proper) directions. Or else why put the extra feature in just to drain the battery!

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