Jul 12

TeleNav announced that they will release a turn-by-tunr iPhone 3G GPS solution pretty soon. TeleNav is most known for their GPS navigation software for some other smartphones.

TeleNav confirmed that the iPhone 3G app will include full-color 3D moving maps and the turn-by-turn voice guidance and traffic-aware routing. No price or release date has been made public, but keep checking back and i’ll inform you of any updates.


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5 Responses to “TeleNav iPhone GPS Navigation coming soon”

  1. iPhone 3G GPS road test (video) » iPhone 3G » iPhoneFreakz Says:

    […] standards. I personally can’t wait to get my own iPhone 3G (please donate lol) and get the TeleNav sofware. Check the vid after the break. iPhone […]

  2. Joel Says:

    TelNav will be nice as long as ATT does not charge a service fee to use it. I don’t mind paying for the app, but not for a service. To me, that’s not stand alone GPS. It also needs to be able to store the maps on the phone. :!:

  3. Royal G Says:

    How is i that this update came over an month ago and we still have not received a more up to speed update??? I’ve been playing the waiting game since I bought my iphone on its release date. I’m starting to feel like i’ve been dooped by Apple!!! I want Telenav’s 3G version on my iphone VERY SOON because if not i’m going to go by a personal GPS system from Navigon, which by the way looks very nice and has pretty descent reviews. I will then toss my iphone along w/ its apple data package out the window and rebirth my at&t 8525 which still is a very powerful phone….. Hello iphonefreakz, Apple, anybody do you hear me!??

  4. Jack McGuire Says:

    I Love My iphone! Yes! Apple Sure is slow at getting things done! But lets all let Apple know how we feel! Lets put the pressure on! Come on apple! We have spent millions on your computers,software,gaggets! You owe us for making you what or how big you are! Its all of us consumers. So, Now! How soon can we expect that TelNav?……………So Thanks! We will be here awaiting! Put alittle pressure on A.T.T . too!

  5. Anthony Says:

    Apple is one of the best company,making a lot great stuff like computer,…and nokia is a f…ing rubbish phone,with bad design,but they have the gps,come on apple,you have everything to do great,give us date please,I am beggin you…

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