Jul 11

Sega’s Super Monkey Ball was one of the most anticipated iPhone App Store games. Sega’s Super Monkey Ball has to be the most addictive game on the iPhone till date! So it’s time for a small review and some pics. You can either get the game via iTunes or get it straight from your iPhone. When you start the game you have 4 characters to chose from and 1 mode to chose from (easy).

In the Super Monkey Ball game your goal is to guide your monkey as fast as possible in a transparent bubble over a predefined trail. What you do have to get used to are the controls. If you have played Neverball before the controls are similar but still very different. Too play Super Monkey Ball you will need to hold your iPhone nearly flat and tilt it left/right/forward/backwards to guide your Monkey.
The settings only let you adjust the music volume and the effects volume, for now there’s no way to adjust the settings of accelerometer. The game also has a instant game mode, which will allow you to quickly pauze the game by tapping on the clock. On to the screens.

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