Jul 05

Unbelievable but true. In front of the flagship store of Apple in New York a line has been forming to get hold of the iPhone 3G. The line started friday afternoon but no names have been publicized. the reason for this line is unclear however as the iPhone 3G will require in-store activation, i guess this is the reason why some people are waiting more then 1 week. If you live in New York would you wait 7 days in advance for the iPhone 3G?

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11 Responses to “iPhone 3G – Waiting line already started in new york.”

  1. Ahmad Kharuddin Says:

    What???? what are they thinking?? LOL… I wont queue 1 week earlier… that is insane!! they have just wasted 7 days of their lives! Erk…. Still can’t believe this story…

  2. Ahmad Kharuddin Says:

    I found this:

    “The report claims that number one in line is “a man and woman with a baby whose goal is to set a record for time in line and the first baby to wait with them (or some such nonsense).”

    How shocking is that?

  3. Multinova Says:

    Crazy yes :)

  4. Vito Says:

    what people do just to get attantion :P

  5. Learners Says:

    Tis is abnormacity new Yorker…What in th Heck people could go outrange for an iPhone 3G that wilbe still there after the line is over…Apple manufatured lot of stork this time….Tht is why iPhone are less price…Stupidity with the child and all the germs around an infant…Some people need to really think better…How parenting is that he?

  6. swillard8 Says:

    haha they should come to the UK, there won’t be any line in my town! There never has been! Walked in n bought a wii on the 1st day :eek:

  7. Jash Sayani Says:

    Apple’s hype again… :!:

  8. mdcosta911 Says:

    will be waiting Friday morning at the Apple store in the Bellevue Mall in washington. anyone?

  9. Shantizzle Says:

    LOL, i cant belive all these ppl think there is going to be enought for all of them, and imagine how long it will take just for one person to buy an iphone with a plan, this line wouldnt for a week after the iphone is released

  10. ituner Says:

    very very very crazy!!! :grin:

  11. miggybe Says:

    I did that with PS3 in DC years ago…. Never again.. True I wasted 3 days of my life . Now in Belgium, I don’t have to queue anymore…IF I plan to get a new iPhone.

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