Jul 03

As it’s the holiday season again i would strongly urge you to not buy a iPhone in China. The story goes, the father of a member off the forum of Macrumors is already reporting very well made cheap imitations. His father brought back 3 iPhones from China. Once the member received it he was trying to get them synced with iTunes, but iTunes didn’t recognize the iPhonies. After some testing the user opened a new thread on the forum to ask for some help.

As more and more pictures where revealed it was getting clear that these iPhonies are very well copied.

The packaging is nearly exactly the same as the original Apple iPhone Box. I’ll quickly show you what to look for !

1) Notice that the bezel comes up to high on the bottom!
2) What’s clearly another dead give-away is the USB connector on the bottom! We all know that a iPhone has a iPod Connector and no mini-usb.
3) The third give-away is the icon of the penguin on the screen!

Be carefull when buying second hand iPhones !!

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7 Responses to “Very good imitations iPhone sold in China”

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  2. Ahmad Kharuddin Says:

    Oh my god! never trusted electronics made from china…

  3. Nuke Nine Says:

    ^^^ :grin: :grin: Where do you think ur iPhone is assembled? In the US?
    Hahahahaaa. Never trust electronices made in china. Dude!

  4. mdcosta911 Says:

    how can i get one of these online? id really like one for the kicks!

  5. asa Says:

    Most running on windows platform. I have seen a few here in thailand but in hand they look and feel very different. The m8 is the closest fake that I have seen. Nothing like the real deal!

  6. earlthegoat Says:

    If they can get it to function like an iPhone from the software side and will sell it unlocked, sign me up for it.

  7. Ty Says:

    Where can we get these at? Do you know?

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