Jul 01

ThTouch our Texas hold’em iPhone poker game has been updated to version 0.32. The new version adds a lot of graphical changes. There’s a new deal button to start the game. The swiping has remained but now it requires you to swipe untill you see a ok button in the middle of your screen. The gameplay also seems to be a bit faster and more smooth. The game now has a hlepscreen that will take you to the developers homepage (and therefore quits your game).

1) Locate and install the update.

2) Some new screenshots.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the ModMyIfone packaging source, see our sources page.

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14 Responses to “THTouch 0.32 – Texas hold’em poker for the iPhone”

  1. Lucky Says:

    this is the greatest game ever

  2. Dennis Says:

    What am I missing here? Since this game was released, there seems to be no way to “check”. You can either “bet” or “fold”. Am I missing something?

  3. Multinova Says:

    Dennis, To check you just have to double-tap your own player :)

  4. Dennis Says:

    Ah, I got it. Web site says “double-tap on designated area of the screen”, or something to that effect, but there is no designated area. Double-tapping your own cards checks. Nice. :) It definitely is a cool hold ’em game.

  5. lws Says:

    There are a few bugs in 0.32, I forgot one important line of code, due to coding through the night till 9AM :o

    0.32a will fix the button movement and quite a few bugs connected to it…

    Sorry for the inconvenience. It should be up on Installer soon.

  6. kraussco Says:

    my speech

  7. kraussco Says:

    @iws are you german ?
    ps. greatest game eva. hope to see it on appstore

  8. lws Says:

    Yes, I am german.
    Thank you :cool:

    I do hope 0.32a fixes button movement, control issues and other stuff, I think it does.

    Issue reports with 0.32a are welcome, of course.

  9. kkrrrrrr Says:

    nice job du leberwurst :smile: which stupid german don’t think when it’s leberwurst in the name it isn’t german? :D think… think…. think….! kraussco the german flirt boy :mrgreen:

  10. spoker Says:

    Fun game, and has become a lot more stable, but in my opinion the latest update was going backwards with the GUI.

    – action wheel confusing, and does not function well – should be removed
    – can no longer see how much the bet is to Player, or even when it is Player’s turn

    Please stop changing the graphics, and work on providing more stability and usability. I thought the graphics were fine many versions ago.

  11. El Testiculo Says:

    Google Translator!

    OHH YES!

  12. Brian Says:

    I have 0.32a, and noticed there is a bug when the Big Blind comes around again, and I only have two options, “Raise” and “Fold”. There is never a “Confirm” option, and I have to “Fold” just to continue on the game, thus losing my BB chips. Also, my wife had a straight with an Ace high, yet an opponent with a Queen high won the hand. That doesn’t sound right to me, but I’m somewhat a novice to Texas Hold-em.

  13. v Says:

    :neutral: which sources do i have to add in my installer to get this game?

  14. SSJ Says:

    I had this game (an older version) but then i decided to jailbreak my iphone and lost this game. I tried finding it again in my installer.app but couldnt. Has it been removed? :???:

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