Jun 29

Skrew released another update to his popular slide to unlock screen replacement. iToday 0.6 & Skrewcommon 1.45 have been released. iToday 0.6 now let’s you adjust the block order, enable/disable separate blocks and it adds a longer sleep delay.

Full changelog:
iToday got 0.6 with long awaited features:
– More sleep delay for lock screen
– You can now disable/enable informations
– You can change blocks order
– If you want video only, just disable all blocks.

1) Locate and install the update to skrewcommon first and reboot your iPhone or iPod touch afterwards.

2) Locate and install the iToday update.

3) Updated iToday screens

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Skrew packaging source, see our sources page.

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3 Responses to “iToday 0.6 & Skrew Common 1.45”

  1. Abakadabra Says:

    This guy of skrew sucks … always 2 updates when he updates 1 app :mad:

  2. asa Says:

    I noticed I downloaded vwallpaper and (thought) it was all deleted untill I tried itoday! It kept running vwallpaper. How do I delete vwallpaper images?it would make sense when u delete screwcommon everything should deleted…

  3. omg Says:

    Abakadabra: just buy a brain…

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