Jun 21

Raijin and Fujin are 2 DJ player scratch tools made for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will be available in the appstore soon. Both of the dj tools have the same functionality except for the placement of the buttons, this will make it easier if you want to place them next to your mixer. The apps have a tapcounter, JogDial, cue button, playtimer window and a pitch control. They also have a BPM display that will be active when the tapcounter is activated.

I know some DJ’s that will be very interested in RaiJin and Fujin. The website doesn’t say when they will be released, but they do mention that they are developing with the SDK. Will these apps replace the traditional DJ apps by time? What do you think?

:: Functions :::

PlayTime: A tune name is indicated in the top. The rest time of the music is indicated in the bottom part. The time is displayed 1/100 seconds.
BPM Display:BPM(Beats Per Minute) measured with the TAP-Counter is indicated.
– When the Scratch-Mode -You can RT Scratch on virtual jog-dial.
– When the Search-Mode – You can seek by using Jog-Dial in 1/100 sec unit.
TapCounter: BPM (Beats Per Minute) can be measured by tapping.
– When Music are playing -Returned to the recorded CUE point, and pause.
– When the Search Mode -Current pausing point is recorded as a CUE point.
PLAY/PAUSE:- When player stops -Play music.- When player playing –
Within Search-Mode to look for CUE point.
When in the Search-Mode music plays, it is looped in the very short interval.
PitchControl:You can change the speed (Pitch) withslider control. BPM indication works with this Pitch Fader.The bands of a Pitch Shift is +-16%.

::: Virtual Scratch :::
You can RT scrath on virtual jog-dial.

::: Shake Sampler :::
You can get effective sounds by shaking iPod. Sound varies according to the direction of the accelerration.

More information here.

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3 Responses to “AppStore – DJ scratch tools Raijin and Fujin for the iPhone”

  1. Jash Sayani Says:

    Cool! This is the perfect app for the iPhone’s touch interface ! :smile:

  2. Lucky Says:

    i dont really understand what he’s doing with the ipod …

  3. G Says:

    Hey i have post about this on modmyifone tha said it will be 49.99 dollars or yen on their site about 2 months ago.but im not
    —do u know if there apps will be released in the usa also?

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