Jun 19

Navizon received an update to version 2.0.6 today. Navizon let’s you locate your buddies anytime. There’s 1 new really big feature. The app has now a feature to locate your iPhone. This can be very handy if you lost it or if someone stole it. To activate this feature go to the settings and enable the Locate-By-SMS function. Enter your chosen keyword and your device is set. When you now send a sms to your iPhone with the chosen keyword, Navizon will send back the coordinates of your phone to the senders number.

Check out my previous post for more indepth information.
1) Locate and update the app.

2) Start the app and have a look at the options.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the STE packaging source, see our sources page.

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9 Responses to “Navizon 2.0.6 – Let’s you recover your stolen iPhone”

  1. Laws Angel Says:

    What if someone steals your phone and takes the sim card out? wont work! :???:

  2. John Marsh Says:

    You’re kidding right (Laws Angel)? And what if the thief smashes your phone and throws it away, it wont magically return your stolen phone unharmed…
    Comon dude! Its a cool app that SMSs your phone’s coordinates back to you… thats it! It wont work if the sim card is removed, phone is underwater or smashed or erased. Its not magic.

  3. jPad Says:

    What if it’s located in room/house/building full of people? Are you suppose to stalk each person and ask them to check their bag?? Is someone going to admit they have your phone? Can you call the cops to have them inquire? Once you let them know you know they have it, can’t they look for the app and turn it off so you can search it anymore?

  4. ryan Says:

    I bought an iphone less than two weeks ago, I had it stolen at my school yesterday. I tried to track it within 20 minutes of it being stolen. The thief had taken out the sim card and turned it off, there is no way to track it and I’m down $300.

  5. Cool Girl Says:

    Does this work for iphone 3G as well? It probably says it here somewhere…can’t seem to find it…lol

  6. janet Says:

    Can I set up Navizon on my iphone from my pc?

  7. Dr Says:

    I just got a new app, *** Fonehome *** Read the reviews at http://www.appstorehq.com/fonehome-iphone-268541/app

    I tested the sounds and I was disappointed in the volume, but the location is bang on!

  8. CARL HILL Says:


  9. kell Says:

    hii um k so i lost my iphone yesterday. i called it to check if its still on and it is but it’ll run out of battery soon so reply fast!
    -Does my iphone 3gs come with navizon already on it?
    -If it does is there a default keyword that i can text to my phone to know where it is?
    -Because i am positive that i have not chosen a keyword so i am just wondering.

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