Jun 18

JFWChanger is another Jiggy application that will let you change your firmware to just about anything you like. When you start the app, you have 2 buttons, a custom firmware and a preset. The custom firmware let’s you set any firmware version you like, even with build version. The preset let’s you chose any already existing firmware, ranging from 1.1 to 2.0.

Why would you need a application like this? Some older applications that are still very good require older firmware versions. If you like to install one of those, you can quickly install it and put your original firmware back.

1) Make sure you have Jiggy Runtime installed
2) Locate and install JFWChanger

3) Run the app and chose either a custom or preset firmware.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Bigboss packaging source, see our sources page.

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12 Responses to “JFWChanger – Change your iPhone Firmware”

  1. iphoneinator Says:

    why would you need 2.0?

  2. Luke Says:

    I’m tempted to use the 2.0 firmware because of the push email capability, and this JFWChanger app lowers the threshold to switch from one firmware to another.
    I realize that it is still beta but what are the risks of using or trying 2.0? Is it save to even try it and go back to a previous version in the case I do not like it for whatever reason?

  3. Multinova Says:


    Please note that this app does not flash your firmware. It only changes the firmware identification of your iPhone.
    changing the firmware with this app will not give any extra features.

  4. Luke Says:

    Clear, Thanks

  5. gomez Says:

    i try to preset to 1.1.1 but it stays at 1.1.4 message me if u the the problem thanks…

  6. Keith Says:

    I have the exact same problem as gomez. Any help?

  7. matt Says:

    how do i change it back to the original ? it’s messing with other apps

  8. ali Says:

    plzzzzz…..how can i preset it to original one? my firmware is 2.2.1 but i run this app and set it to 2.0! but now i want it to roll back…..how can i redo that?? plzzzzz help….

  9. ali Says:

    Do u find any solution?

  10. felipe Says:

    hey there is any way to know which firmware I have?

  11. felipe Says:

    without checking on the box or when you start the iphon asa you buy it!

  12. jzib Says:

    I downloaded it for fun. I had 3.0 firmware. and then i accidently pressed back to 2.0. HOW DO I GET BACK TO 3.0 FIRMWARE:O

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