Jun 18

Earlier today i received a e-mail from Fring. just wanted to let you know that today we’ve opened-up the fring platform by introducing the fringAPI. We’re making it available for free, to any developer who wants to create new mobile applications or offer their own web services to the fring community. We’re very excited about this, as with the fringAPI we are adding mobile applications by welcoming in an entire world of talented developers (they only need a working knowledge of basic server-side language such as PHP, JSP, ASPX etc and XML). These mobile applications will bring users a richer experience and, potentially, an unlimited selection of mobile games, services, communities and more.

All newly developed applications will be available as fringAdd-ons, accessed free of charge, from the fring Catalog, inside the regular mobile application. Developers can get started today by logging into the fring Developers Section, the catalog is to go live sometimes in July 2008. More info on our blog or simply check our latest YouTube clip.

The developers site can be found here.

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5 Responses to “FringAPi released for the iPhone”

  1. iphoneinator Says:

    this really doesnt have anything to do with this but. does anyone know when the iphone appstore comes out, what will happen if i but an app on my 2.5G iphone and then buy the 3g iphone and want to get that same game, what will happen? will i have to pay for it again or will they realize the apps weve bought by our phone number or sumthing?

  2. Multinova Says:

    My guess is that iTunes will process the apps just like your music. It’s not because you have bought a tune that you can’t play it on more then 1 device that is your own :)

  3. iphoneinator Says:

    good point.

    but what if i buy an app then i (or someone else) accidently gets a new phone without ever syncing to itunes. then it would never know i had that app. then again i guess i could just go back and sync my old iphone and resync.. SO CONFUSED!

  4. jazir Says:

    multi you know when the full version of fring launches????

  5. Multinova Says:

    Fring can already be downloaded. It’s still in beta, but if you search for it on iphonefreakz (on top) you will find it :)

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