Jun 11

myFunambol is a service that let’s you wirelessly sync your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes between your iPhone and almost any other device (Outlook, pocketpc, smartphone, ipod) . Funambol will soon offer push-mail and push calendar features much like the new Mobile.me service that Apple announced at WWDC 2008. Funambol isn’t a new service, the have already 1.500.000.000 phones using the free service!
You can access the service via 2 ways. Either via safari by browsing to my.funambol.com/iPhone or via the iPhone native version that is currently limited to only support contact syncing but soon we will see the calendar, tasks and notes integrated in the app and hopefully push services too.
The official site states:

  • Wirelessly sync contacts from other phones, over-the-air, to myFUNAMBOL. myFUNAMBOL would then contain the contacts from other phones.
  • Wirelessly sync contacts from Outlook (or other email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird) to myFUNAMBOL.
  • Access and use these contacts on the iPhone.

The way it works is very easy. Subscribe on the my.funambol site. Await and confirm the registration mail. Download the Outlook plugin. Sync you contacts, calendar and notes. And install the native iPhone or iPod touch client.

The iPhone client is very intuitive to use, you only have 4 buttons. (sync all, sync contacts, sync calendar, sync tasks and sync notes (the later 3 are not yet supported).

Safari screenshots.

Native jailbroken version.

Via iPhoneClub

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the STE packaging source, see our sources page.

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16 Responses to “Funambol – Wirelesly sync your iPhone contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes”

  1. Roy Chang Says:

    good stuff !! thanks

  2. Eddie Monge Says:

    It’s not just for the iPhone either. The service is built on what used to be called sync4j. It looks like it is a really great service and now that I have a phone that supports Funambol again, I am using it and it nice knowing that backup is there. It’s also convenient to be able to enter things online and have it sync with my phone. A real time saver.


  3. Sputnik55 Says:

    Sounds great, but when is it ready? Specifically, when will tasks and notes sync between outlook and the iPhone?

  4. emac Says:

    Does anyone have the answer to the question above———when is the above ready for tasks?

  5. AndrewGoldy Says:

    Note, that with the v2.0 firmware ONLY contacts sync! They are still working on getting Calendar & Notes & Tasks to sync!!!!

  6. ScottMartin Says:

    Would love to hear when it is updated to support calendars and tasks. Someone do let us know!

  7. Ralph Says:

    Any news about a date for the update mentioned above?
    does any body know anything about this?

  8. Albe Says:

    I forgot to tell that it synchronize elements with Exchange Server….

  9. shawn Says:

    do you think Apple will allow a solution that takes money out of their pocket with mobileme? My guess is looking at the age of this article and posts that the solution with Funambol is there and the approval process with the App Store will never come…

    Will it only be available for jailbreaking is my guess…

  10. Jimmy Says:

    Check out TaskTask which allows you to sync your iPhone tasks directly with Microsoft Exchange – http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=315815749&mt=8

  11. Dan Says:

    Still holdng out hope that funambol will be able to update sync for calendar and tasks. Would be nice.

  12. lewis.donofrio Says:

    *bump* any word on task syncing within 2.X firmware? No need for 3.0 as of yet….

  13. Jean d'Eudeville Says:


    I can synchronize contact but I can’t do it for calendar / task…
    When I click Funambol Icon on My Iphone… only synchronization contact is running…
    What’s wrong ?
    What I have to do ?

    Synchronization between Thunderbird / Lightning and my.funambol portal is allright …

    I’m using :
    Iphone 3GS / Firmware 3.1.2
    Lightning 0.9

    Thank you

    Happy new year 2010 and merry christmas.

    (France – Paris)

  14. freakwent Says:

    Jun 11, 2008:

    “soon we will see the calendar, tasks and notes integrated in the app”

    Mar 1, 2010:

    Still not working in the proper app. Vapourware!

    Screw apple and their closed bloody platforms.

  15. skliarie Says:

    Apple decided not to open 3rd party access to iPhone calendar:

  16. Patrick Says:

    @skliarie : look at the date of the post of Fabrizio. Since this date, Apple has open the iPhone calendar. SyncML is able to sync with Apple calendar and Funambol can’t. We can now speak of vapourware, more over with the picture of the application done in 2008 !!!

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