Jun 11

Customize 2.0 got a big update. There are some nice new features but there are also some that you simple better not activate. As a result of trying to get it to work i had to restore 3 times. Every time I found a new bug. I’ll give you a heads up on what all the new features are but i will also warn you what to avoid if you don’t want to restore.

The new features are:

  • The ability to comment on almost everything in the theme browser.
  • FreeBoard (5 icon dock, wallpaper, hide icon labels) !! (read warnings)
  • Auto-update utility
  • Contact SpicyChicken (the developer) via the application

Now the warnings !!!!

  • Do not activate Freeboard if you have more then 70 app’s installed on your iPhone!
  • Do not activate Freeboard if you have KATE !

If you will do it, you will have to restore. I tried every fix that i can think of to set things right again, but nothing worked.

Customize is still working fine, as long as you don’t activate the Freeboard or 5 icon dock!

1) Locate and install Customize.

2) Let’s have a look at the FreeBoard Prefs. (you can activate it , show wallpaper, hide icon labels and enable the five icond dock)

The phone will work fine if you enable this all, but if you ever need to reboot, there’s a really big chance that your iPhone or iPod touch won’t boot anymore !! SPOD (Spinning wheel of death)

I strongly recommend to not use the FreeBoard untill in a later release!

3) Let’s have a look at the other new feature, the comments. Whenever you now go to a theme you have a extra tab Comments, it’s just below the size information of the them.

4) The last new feature is the about screen.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the ModMyIfone packaging source, see our sources page.

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11 Responses to “Customize 2.0Rc1Fix – Totally customize your iPhone but be carefull”

  1. datank Says:

    i dont have kate and also i dont have more than 70 app can i still put the 5 docks or will it mess up my phone

  2. Multinova Says:

    I have had very bad experiences with this app. It also says it’s beta .. you can try but take a backup first

  3. mdcosta911 Says:

    this is awesome news for the 5 icon dock, but ill wait till freeboard will not kill the phone if it has more than the allocated number of apps permitted, i dont want to risk anything. hurry spicy chicken fix this!

  4. jazir Says:

    if u have 70+ apps can you still activate the 5 icon dock and nothing else?

  5. iphoneinator Says:

    I have exactly 70 should I install it?

  6. akedo1 Says:

    ok .. go into Customize and clear the cache (under preferences) respring and restart customize it will give you an auto-update message.. click update.. and then respring.. then turn on Summerboard in customize or smb then re-BOOT.
    all your appz will be fine now.. (this auto-update allows summerboard and freeboard to run together. ) getting rid of the app limit. now go to freeboard turn on and 5 icon dock.. then respring AND re-boot.. wallah 5 icon dock.. all apps good.. l8

  7. iKID Says:

    :twisted: There’s a real conflict between Costumize (summerboard) and Intelliscreen. I belive that the bug is with the lock screen implementation (or somewere around). Beside those conflicts, the new update is very unstable. The intelliscreen fix worked for me (I’ve heard that many people had have troubles with it). Since Intelliscreen is always fixing and updating the application, I belive that they will come up for something good. I just hope that people of thyspicychicken will do the same, beacuse that update had ALLOT OF CRASHED IPHONES. :neutral:

  8. sebax Says:

    i did what you said before anyhitng and customize works fine til now… 5 icons on, (i thougt they where gonna look better but its the first time i see them, ill keepo testing tho..)
    so thx for advice

  9. sebax Says:

    after few tests i see just 1 problem, customize is not replacing all the icons, its not a permission problem cuz smb does it, when freeboard is on, and show wallpaper too, an icon appears at the top left corner, i tried turning on and off freeboard and sometimes it dissapear, also turn off theme wallpaper on smb and it dissapear, now i leave on in smb and off in freeboard and seems to work fine, no icon, but still no icons froim themes on customizer, not imported from smb and neighter downloaded from customize, i have ´em from smb (app) and now everything is almmost like expected, (but no form 1 single app)… all add some sshots later… and sorry for the long post.. hope some1 at spicy read this cuz i tried to contact from the app and couldnt find the way like it say on the update news.

  10. Stu Says:

    I’ve installed the customize update, and it’s really messed with my apps. I tried a reset and that removed all of my settings for all of the other apps, but it’s not changed anything else. I’m still having problems with it. I also tried akedo1’s advice but no change. I can’t change my wallpaper and silly stuff like that. Before I go for a full restore and unlock again, is there anything else I can try?

  11. Summer Says:

    Hey, I’m not sure which category to place this comment to ask for help but can anyone please help me with the ShirtyCity theme on the Customize. I really love it. Can’t seem to apply it after downloading. Please help.

    Thanks in advance!

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