Jun 10
The new firmware for the iPhone and iPod Touch is soon to be released. But so far there are no sollutions to keep your current ‘third-party’ applications on your device. Bigboss send’s out a warning for upgrading to the new firmware, which I will quote below. It all comes down to one thing: Wait for a while after the 2.0 firmware has been released. Developers are working on it and hopefully all it needs is a little patience.

At this point, you can expect 2.0 to be locked and jailed. This means you will only be able to use contract carriers such as AT&T. You will not be able to unlock. The upgrade process will likely be a one-way trip for now also. This means if you “accidentally” upgrade, you will not be able to go back (for now).Jailbreak: 2.0 may not be jailbroken anytime soon. But even if it is, you will still stand to lose a lot (read further). For now, let’s assume it is not jailbroken and that means you are stuck with whatever Apple and AppStore provides you.

What else will you lose on 2.0? All the apps must be ported. Not one GUI app will work. Not even Jiggy apps. Nothing, notta. This means you lose 500+ 3rd party apps.

What about installer? Nope, there’s no installer 2.0. (Cydia will be available, but there will not be anything to install yet).

What about AppStore?: AppStore is all about purchasing and paying for software. It’s not called iApps or iInstaller. It’s called AppStore. At this point, the best source of free apps will remain to be 1.1.4 and installer.

I already upgraded. What now? You can downgrade to 1.1.4 and bootneuter using the new baseband with 1.1.4. This should get you back to an unlocked state with the new baseband. Downgrade requires DFU mode, restore to 1.1.4, when you get error 1011, 1013, or 1015, use iLiberty+ to boot phone out of recovery mode. Worst case, if the new baseband cannot work with 1.1.4 you could use ienew or such and get back to the 1.1.4 baseband. This would require some steps such as ieraser (3.9) / ienew (4.6) then use bbupdater to program the 1.1.4 baseband back on. We’ll see where we’re at. I’ll make a guide if needed.

Then what should I do? Wait a bit. A solution will surely come. I will update this site with news as I get it. Check back daily.

What about pwnage? While pwnage should work on 2.0, it appears that the latest 2.0 betas have not been jailbroken. We will need to wait and see what happens.

Source: Sleepers.net

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4 Responses to “Warning for Firmware 2.0 on the iPhone”

  1. sebax Says:

    as expected… 1 question tho… what about 2.0 3G OTB… hope it’ll be downgradeable (if thats even a word, but u get my point), a nice solution would be to downgrade to 1.1.4 and be able to get 2.0 apps (if they change)

  2. Multinova Says:

    The word on the street is that the bootloader exploit won’t work anymore. But i have full trust in the iphone-dev guys :)

  3. jazir Says:

    this is why im pissed at the dev team. the hacking community gained nothing by releasing pwnage. absolute 0.they enabled apple to patch every exploit making more work for every dev and themselves. lets hope they are smart enough to fix the mistake

  4. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    hello there friends i saw the video of wwdc and this is what my impression is,
    i think it would be nice if the developers could find a way to hack the app store as a stand alone application and let people run it on their iphones 1.1.4 without the need of upgrading to 2.0 but i strongly feel that the installer should not be removed on 1.1.4 i feel people should be able to run anytime the app store and also be able to run the installer anytime they wish on the 1.1.4 firmware it is very convenient because i think it is not safe to keep changing an operating system on a telephone all the time there are many risks involved such as wear and tear ,viruses on p.c or even hangups and if program freezes while trying to update to 2.0 which could become jailbroken then a lot of people could risk their phone being dumped i prefer to keep my iphone as it is already wonderful apps and be able to have the app store on my 1.1.4 anyway besides the app store i dont find that im going to use the extra features found 0n 2.0 which 1.1.4 doesnt have except for the APP STORE.THATS MY OPINION scientific calculator what for i dont go to school, microsoft exchange again what for???im not in an enterprise, cisco what for again i dont have large figures to input vpn what for i dont work for security,3g again what for i dont open 4000pages a day the most pages i open in a day is 3/4 pages of safari ,app store with pleasure i would like to play super monkey ball from sega and all these high level games so why should i upgrade the whole operating system for just to make use of an app store its BIZZARE.its really outrageous and time consuming.

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