Jun 08

MMiThemer is a very handy app from the guys of ModMyIfone.com. MMiThemer let’s you download and install hundreds of summerboard themes directly from within the application. The app works much like Customize, you can browse and preview the themes before actually installing them.

1) Make sure you have Summerboard (smbprefs) installed before proceding to install MMiThemer.
2) Locate and install the app.

3) Let’s have a quick look at the MMiThemer. When you open the app it will go default to the home tab wich will show the default ModMyiFone page.

4) Let’s have a look at the tabs on the bottom. The first one is featured (but it doesn’t seem to be active yet!) The second one is popular.

The popular screen will show you 24 themes a page. With the highest ranked (A) on top. When you tap on a theme, a new page will open with a bigger preview and the option to install it.

5) The third tab shows you the latest added themes. Also here you can directly install the ones you like.

6) The fourth tab let’s you manage your downloaded themes. From here you can activate and deinstall the theme’s.

7) The app also let’s you search for a specific theme.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the ModMyiFone packaging source, see our sources page.


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6 Responses to “MMiThemer – Theme switcher for your iPhone”

  1. Cris Says:

    doesn´t work. the themes doesn´t appear in summerboard. whay can i do?

  2. iKID Says:

    same to me ,themes doesn’t appear in summerboard,but its beta testing ,I think that its a bug and we just have to wait for the updates and I hope that it will be soon cause its good to have an alternative for customize that its having some problems too.

  3. Multinova Says:

    guys, it’s still a very early beta released. the developers are aware of the issue and they will fixe it asap :)

  4. iKID Says:

    Same to me, because it’s only in beta, I belive it’s just a bug, so I hope It will be soon fixed with the updates. Great alternative for customize, who is in beta 10 and still having some problems. :neutral:

  5. Multinova Says:

    New version (0.21) fixes the problems with 1.1.4 :lol:

  6. MMiThemer 0.21beta - Theme switcher for your iPhone » iPhone mods » iPhoneFreakz Says:

    […] MMiThemer – Theme switcher for your iPhone […]

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