Jun 08

Skrew released another update to his iToday application. The update mainly changes some graphical settings. It’s now possible to scroll through the list of your appointments and birthdays. another thing i noticed is when you tap on the call, sms, battery or weather icon, the screen will slide to the left. This is probably a new upcoming feature. The developer also disabled the themes for now. Together with the new iToday, Skrew also released a update for his SkrewCommon package, it’s now at version 1.37. The skrewcommon fixes some problems people had with the vWallpaper app. Read the full logs after the break.
SkrewCommon for vWallpaper:
– Much less glitch.
– Photo application working
– games work (no more flickering screen)

iToday update:

– You can scroll content with finger.
– Now bars are resizeable with content. Cool for next features :)
– Weather autorefresh when lockscreen come (experimental)
– Battery icon change with charge (thanks obscure909)
– Calendar Events contain “recurrent events”
– Themes are blocked, as it still in development and can change on next version.

1) Locate and install the update for SkrewCommon.

2) Locate and install the iToday update.

3) Updated screens.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Skrew packaging source, see our sources page.


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    My iphone hanged I done the reset still same issue,So I tried to do the restore from itunes after that all icons is missing.And even I connect the iphone it does not shown the version,capacity..etc….please help :sad:

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