Jun 07

An update for the i2Reader has been released. The application is a Rip-Dev production and I have to say, it’s some well build software. The application works good, has many preferences and most of all it has a great GUI. The application already supports the FB2.0 format and with the new release it now also supports txt book files. A few editting functions have been added too, where you can now edit the author, title and annotation by tapping on the book. Other enhancements are:

  • The Library has an index control.
  • Hyphenation for English and Russian Languages has been added.
  • You can choose the color of the statusbar.
  • You can turn the pagenumbers on and off.
  • Several bugfixes.

Like stated before, it’s a great application and can easily be adjusted to your own preferences. The application does cost some money. A license will cost you $35,- (23.81 euro ). Luckly there is a trial to try out the application, so I’d give it a look.

This fine application is available in the Installer.app through the Rip-Dev community source, see our sources page.

10 Responses to “i2Reader 1.1 – eBook Reader”

  1. vlade Says:

    great app.

  2. vlade Says:

    here is new i2reader add http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwS9o4LDz0A

  3. mirza Says:

    still dont understand the cost of the appz developers are releasing at. dont they understand how many more people will buy these app if they are only $5 or even $10 for the really good ones?

  4. joe Says:

    does it read .CHM formats?

    I tried mobileCHM app but that doesn’t open the CHM ebooks I have.

  5. RvdP Says:

    @Mirza, yes it’s a shame. On the other hand I can understand the developers want to cover their costs, since they put alot of time in it.

    @Joe, for now only FB2.0 and TXT, let’s hope they’ll added some other formats.

  6. kath33ng Says:

    I have a problem with this.. help anyone? =)
    I downloaded this app and i tried to purchase a book through ebooks.com and they ask me for the PID.. does the iphone have a pid? and if not where can i download books and use it with this app? Thanks!! =)

  7. NiftyDave Says:

    Excuse me, but this is the STUPIDEST app I have ever seen! NOWHERE is there ANY SUGGESTION of how to ADD BOOKS TO THE LIBRARY! NONE! NOWHERE!

    It comes with one book, in Russian. I don’t speak russian, and I would like to read, say maybe, another book? NO INFO ON HOW TO DO THAT! NONE!

    Google? NO INFO!

    Help? NONE!

    YouTube? NOTHING!

    Talk about truly stupid – spend $25.00 so I can read one book, in Russian? No thanks.

  8. mike Says:

    Agreed, the documentation on adding books is non-existent but the app does work. Here are 2 ways to add books to your i2Reader’s library:

    1 launch i2Reader, tap Network/Web, tap Web surfing, visit manybooks.net, locate a book you want to download, tap download, and choose FictionBook2 format. The downloaded book should appear in your Library.

    2 download i2Librarian (free download for Mac), launch i2Librarian, click Add.., chose a PDF or other support file, click Activate i2Speaker and setup a name and user credentials. Now return to your iPhone / touch and launch i2Reader, tap Network/Web, tap i2Speaker client, enter the service name you set up and the user credentials, then tap the files you want to download.

  9. bret Says:

    tried to find the i2librarian after unloading the zip file and i just get a lame icon on my desktop. have been trying to get this pos to work and am frustrated can anyone help me!!!!???

  10. Alex Says:

    this is the STUPIDEST app! I want my money back!

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